Very Disappointed With Carrier Customer Relations

cbmullenJuly 29, 2014

I recently had a Carrier 59TN6 furnace, Carrier 24ANB7 3 ton AC and Carrier SYSTXCCITN01-A Infinity Control thermostat installed. I must say that I'm very impressed with the installer's knowledge, work ethic, honesty, politeness, willingness to address all my concerns and questions and the quality and neatness of the installation. I am also impressed with the quality of Carrier products.

My concerns are as follows:

My Carrier installer registered my products. I would like to receive emails from Carrier but am not able to do so from within Carrier's webpages since my installer opted out of them for me, which I did not request. . I also want to create a login account with Carrier for the purpose of downloading any newly released software for my Infinity Control thermostat but have been informed by Carrier that this is not possible, that the registration done by the installer is for warranty purposes only and since my Carrier system has already been registered there's nothing I can do. Since my system is only four days old I would like to research whether or not I can exchange my standard Infinity Control for a wireless Infinity Control (at additional expense to me, of course, which I expect and agree with) I did not know the wireless model existed prior to or during the installation process. If I can afford to pay cash for the Carrier Infinity system I can surely afford the wireless Infinity Control. I travel to Asia every year for several months at a time and would like to have the option of controlling my system online while away from home. Does anyone know the cost of the wireless thermostat, model number SYSTXCCITW01-A?

Again, I am very impressed with the Carrier installer and Carrier Infinity products but I am extremely disappointed with Carrier's desire to distance itself from its customers, making it next to impossible to contact the company or determine the prices of their products. I did receive an email response from Carrier addressing my login, email opt-in and software update questions, the email stating basically "Thank you for choosing Carrier. The registration of your products is for warranty purposes only. If you have any questions concerning your Carrier products please contact your local dealer". If I had known the lengths Carrier goes to for the purpose of distancing itself from its customers and their concerns I would have selected another brand of AC and furnace. If I had money to burn I would remove this Carrier system and sell it online, replacing it with a model from a company that cares about its customers.

I'm not frustrated. I'm not aggravated. I'm not vindictive. I'm simply very, very disappointed with Carrier's non-caring attitude as it applies to the company's customers.

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I found a price of $772 for the SYSTXCCITW01-A. I don't know if this is a fair price. You may be able to do better on ebay.

Have you asked the installer if he is willing to swap the thermostat?

I think Carrier's behavior is typical of the HVAC industry. Customer questions go to the dealer. If he can't answer them then the distributor gets involved.

Here is the installation manual for your thermostat and the wireless version. I did not see how the software can be updated on your thermostat. It seems the only update that can be done is to change the dealer logo. The installer should talk to the distributor about how a software update is done.

Here is a link that might be useful: SYSTXCCITW01-A price

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Thank you, Mike, for your prompt reply. I appreciate it very much. I assumed that I could download a software update online and then install it since I can supposedly configure my thermostat on my laptop, transfer the settings to a flash drive and then insert the flash drive into my thermostat but then again, I don't know if any of this is possible since I can't create an account with Carrier.

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I have the previous version of the Infinity controller which has no means to update the software. I would be frustrated if I were blocked from a software update.

Have you tried creating an account on the My Infinity Touch web site? Are you blocked because your installer has already registered your controller? The web site seems to imply this web site will only work with the wireless controller. It is asking for a MAC address.

I also found the link listed below. It contains a link for the End User's License Agreement for the software. I followed the link and said Yes to the license agreement. I was then able to download a version of software! The file I downloaded is The link below contains instructions on how to install it.

Your installer should be helping you with this. Upgrading software on thermostats is beyond the capabilities of most HVAC contractors. If he can't resolve then get him to get help from the distributor or Carrier.

Let me know how you make out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity® Touch Control Homeowner Software Updates

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Hey Mike,

I had previously been to the myinfinitytouch webpage but as you say it seems to be only for the wireless Infinity touch control. I've also been all over Carrier's various webpages and cannot find any method to create an account. It's impossible to create a login account with Carrier. My installer registered the system components and when I contacted Carrier about a way to create an account I was basically told to go away and contact my installer instead.

I've clicked on the "Service" icon shown on the touch control and then the "software updates" and I have the option to insert a flash drive but that's useless to me unless I can download the software update to a flash drive. I had previously downloaded the update but I don't know if it's for a computer, smartphone or tablet or which operating systems it will work with. It doesn't really matter because the downloaded software update contains nothing but a bunch of PDF documents and a hex file. The hex file cannot be unzipped by any software I have and I can't find anything online that will unzip it. I've been zipping and unzipping files since zip files were first created so it's not like I'm a dummy. In other words, the software update from Carrier's website is totally worthless to me.

I know that I can have my installer update it at the time of service next year but I'm getting frustrated by Carrier's mindset of locking out their customers. It's no way to run a business. Again, had I know about Carrier's total lack of concern for its customers I would have gone elsewhere.

I appreciate your attempts to assist me. Thanks again.

C. B.

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You have to unzip the folder to get to the .hex file. The .hex file does not have to be unzipped.

The .hex file contains the machine code for the microcontroller in hexadecimal format. You should be able to put it on a USB drive and upload it to your thermostat.

Check the software version on your thermostat. If it older than version 11, then you should try to do the upgrade. Carrier has put the software upgrade instruction in the Owner's manual. It seems they expect owners to download the software and do there own upgrades.

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I would be very disappointed that the WiFi thermostat was NOT included as an option. I would also have been disappointed if the contract didnâÂÂt include an option for an equivalent heat pump and especially disappointed if the proposal didnâÂÂt include the option of a 59MN7A modulating gas furnace instead of only just the 59TN6A 2-stage furnace that was installed (still very good).


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Just to make sure, if I install Infinity system with dealer provided Infinity thermostat the thermostat will be covered with same 10 year warranty, correct? And if I buy same unit on Ebay for half the price, there is no warranty?

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If the Infinity thermostat is installed by an authorized dealer you have a 10-year PARTS warranty, 1-year labor warranty. If you buy on eBay, you're rolling the dice.

If you purchase from an authorized dealer, get EVERYTHING in writing!


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I think the key to solving your issues is your installer. He is the contact that Carrier wants you to work through and whatever access Carrier allows should be set up through him. HE should be able to provide access for you and alter his registration to enable contact.

I deal with several manuf in the HVAC business and their registration pages vary widely as to detail, friendliness, ease of use, etc. The manuf is primarily interested in knowing what is installed for warranty registration purposes and of course who there customer is. From there, I would assume they would use your information for marketing info.

You have a dealer you like and respect. It is his job to get to Carrier to enable your access and that is the way that Carrier wants it. While Carrier wants you as a customer they see you through his eyes.

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