Have you ever checked on Unclaimed Funds??

jennifer_in_kansasOctober 16, 2010

Have any of you checked for unclaimed funds and actually found some?

Earlier this week I wandered onto my states website and found my best friends name listed. I told her about it and she claimed....$187.50!!

She is so excited. She's been struggling financially and this is a real boost for her.

I started at the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators site (www.naupa.com) I think it's okay to post this since I don't get anything from it, right?

I'd love to hear if anyone else has a good story.


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I think you mean naupa.org.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Hey! Bellsouth owes me some money! Under 100 but still!!

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Oh Duh, I never thought to post this. The agency I work for handles the unclaimed property for the State. I work in a different division, so I never think of it...but yeah, every state has an unclaimed properties department, it's for any money or valuables that you may ever had and forgotten, including safe deposit boxes, insurance policies, utility refunds...virtually anything that is yours but never claimed.

In Oregon, unclaimed property is held forever...well, financial things are. Unclaimed property is held for a few years, then is sold at an auction. The proceeds are then held forever. Same with unclaimed estates. It is free to check and free to claim your money. There are some websites that will offer a finders fee, but the State won't charge you.

What is neat here is that all the money is held but the interest earned is distributed annually to schools. Last year the value of the fund was over a billion dollars!!

Last year a man claimed some forgotten stock and it was worth over $50,000. I'd suggest googling your state's unclaimed property...and any state you might have lived in. Also check maiden names. Who knows, you may get a pleasant surprise!

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I received about $25 from a forgotten start-up deposit I had made to a utility company 20 years ago.

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I did this last year & found my step son & his mother listed. I think my son's aunt was also listed. Of course my name will never be there because we're anal about making sure we get our refunds. lol

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Interesting. The only thing I could think of for myself would be "You forgot to redeem a gift certificate and it expired." Apparently none of mine expired.

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I didn't find any money for me, but my BIL and SIL both were on the list and two of my friends!

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Great timing...
We used that site a while back - our check for $8.40 (from Texas) arrived today.
Since I don't buy anything regular price that like getting at least $10 :-P

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Thanks!! I just found my DH had two different things listed so I sent it to him. Total of $136.

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Holy Crap! I got nothing but I found a bunch of my neighborhood friends on there.... How do I explain I plugged their names in there LOL??!!

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Dixiedo, just commit a little white lie...next time you see your neighbor, casually mention that you found some unclaimed money for yourself from an old bank account, then tell them to go to the site:)

My husband claimed $155 from an old bank account:) And we thought we cleaned that out when we moved!

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I went on the website because we owned property in Denver in 1999; there was a place to click on canadian provinces, I clicked on mine, Quebec,
and there's close to 800$ related to a home we sold in 1998 !!!!

now I have to go back and figure out how to claim it.

darn, I forgot to look in Colorado, I was too excited.

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No windfalls for me. I guess I've never had enough money to forget about any.

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My sister had $6 from PG&E back in 1977. Wonder if she ever claimed it???

I checked years ago and found nothing. Must check again.

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How do you know what the dollar amount is. It is only showing >100 or

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