bookertFebruary 25, 2011

My local Sam's Club is no longer selling Vaska detergent....

The boxes they had left were soiled, but I bought a few of them due to the cost factor.

No price reduction, but compared to the cost at my local Target they were a deal!

Bummer when retailers omit items without asking me first! ha!


I have a large empty clear jug of Ecos, can I transfer the Vaska into it without causing thickening??


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I buy Vaska in a plastic jug at the grocery store, so I think you should be fine. Just wash out any remaining ECOS to be safe and avoid mixing chemicals.

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i was so sad to hear this! can anyone tell me where the next best (cheapest) place to buy the lavender herbatergent is? thanks!

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I just got it from via Amazon. Better price than my local Hiller's Market here in SE Michigan. There may be a coupon on's site for Vaska right now. What a great change in detergent for me. Took a bad case of poison ivy to discover the greatness of Vaska. May never use anything else on my own things. Thanks to everyone on this Forum who has been touting it for years.

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I don't know if you have the chain store Vitamin Shoppe near you but ours sells Vaska and Charlie's.


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They had a huge sale a few weeks ago to blow out their inventory on the "regular" (old size) bottles but the web merchant link wouldn't work. It was more than 50% off. When people called attention to the website issue they apologized but didn't get it corrected and have since ran out.

Since Target stopped carrying it, I can only get it online here now. It's too bad as it was my favorite detergent ever but I don't want to go through hoops to get it (and pay extra for shipping).

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One of our local grocery chains (HEB) carries it but it is not on the detergent aisle. They have it in with the floor washing products like Lysol, Spic N' Span, etc. on another aisle.

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