Will A Mini-Split System Work Here?

Route66ServicesJuly 13, 2014

I'd like to cool (no heat needed) a sunroom and a workshop that are not cooled by my central heat pump.

On the house diagram, the 10'x20' sunroom is at the lower left corner, and the 12'x19' workshop is at the upper right corner.

Installing window units in those rooms will require the usual costs for carpentry and window removal, plus the cost of adding electricity in the sunroom, plus the cost for two window units. I'm guessing a total of $800 or more.

Even though a Mini-Split would cost more, I'm wondering if it might be a more efficient installation for cooling those two separate areas.

My heat pump is located near the left corner of the back of the house. The Mini-Split condenser could be located there too, putting it about 30' from the sunroom and 25' from the workshop. The air handlers could be centered on the right wall of the sunroom, and on the back wall of the workshop.

Could this work?

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Minot or Miami? It matters and does make a difference. Yes, mini-splits will work in this application. You might look at a Tjernlund Airshare as a possibility to do one or both of these areas out of the central part of the house.

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I am going to assume that since no heat is needed, you live in a warm climate. I don't see why it would not work provided you don't have to go all the way around the outside of your house with the pipe. Even then, it might be fine. I think that your pipe lengths will be inside the max even with quite a few bends. It will be a lot more efficient, and a lot quieter. Humidity control will be better depending on the window units you might choose. It sure will cost more.

What kind of work will be done in the "workshop"?

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Yes, very warm climate: Central Florida.
Workshop is probably not accurate, it's really a storage room where I keep most of my hand tools and lots of junk I can't seem to part with.
I had an estimate on a mini-split about two years ago: $1,800, and I'm hoping prices might have come down since then.
Anyway, any suggestions about which are the best mini-splits for this application?

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$1800 two years ago was for a single, 1:1 system? It sounds like you really want humidity control as much as cooling for the "shop" Mini splits are good for that as long as you get the variable speed, inverter models. That would probably be virtually any of the good ones.

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Yep, a mini split system would work for that setup. As ionized mentioned, they will help with the humidity too.

Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Daiken, Gree...they all manufacture multi zone systems.

I think Gree tends to be the most cost-efficient, but they aren't very well known in the US. You can find them online at sites like ACWholesalers, HomeDepot, or ComfortUp. The latter looks to have a 2 zone system for about $1500 with a coupon. www.comfortup.com/gree-multi-dual-zone-ductless-mini-split-system-18-000-btu-inverter-heat-pump-9k-12k-indoor

Not sure about warranty on Gree though. Check the site.

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Thanks for your responses. Very helpful information.

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