Drying Closet

Sandy16February 18, 2013

I'm looking for feedback on Drying Closets. I'm hoping someone here has one. Does it work well? What items do you use it for? Does it leave items stiff like line drying? What make/model do you have? Any information is appreciated.

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No one with a drying cabinet?

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I don't think you'll *meet* anyone with it soon.

I have however looked it up. It sounds intriguing but I am not sure I'd like to spend $$$$ on it in addition to the dryer. I cannot be without a dryer at all as there are cases when I need something completely dry in 45 minutes and the closet wouldn't do it.

My solution is a "drying room". I am finishing our laundry remodel and will have enough room there for my drying rack - which has been "living" in my master bathroom since 2007 (just don't tell anyone, please :-) ) I use the rack all the time and use the dryer mostly for sheets.

I am going to put a dehumidifier in the laundry room and hope it'd do the trick.


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I have drying racks in my bedroom too. I found a really good deal on a drying cabinet and was hoping to get the racks out of our bedroom. I use my regular dryer for sheets and towels and prefer most other items to be air dryed. The drying closet will be here tomorrow. A dehumidifier is more practical but my husband hates having laundry "all over" :).

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Please tell how how you like it!

I am not buying a new dryer right now. I'll wait for a "natural death" of the one I have. :-)

If drying closets turn out to be fantastic, I'll definitely consider.


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I've been using it for a few days now and I like it but honestly preferred my drying racks. It circulates air around the clothes, warmer or cooler depending on setting. It will air dry a full load of laundry in under 2 hours and uses much less power than my regular dryer. It makes my husband happy to keep the laundry in the laundry room otherwise, a drying rack is much more practical and efficient. It doesn't leave things crunchy like air drying but I never was bothered by that. It's a marital compromise :).

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Oh, that would be a marital compromise I'd take any minute, LOL.

I am glad you liked it. Right now, I am enjoying my large(r) laundry room. DH jokes that I am looking for excuses to do laundry. With DD, I don't need any but it is such a relief not to go through complicated "gymnastics" just to get clothes in and out.

I hope I have some time (before the existing dryer dies) to look into drying closets. I don't see much difference between 50 minutes and 2 hours. I thought it'd take a lot more than 2 hours.

Thanks for posting and congratulations on your purchase!

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