In praise of my Whirlpool Cabrios

inlimboFebruary 25, 2011

I love my new Cabrio washer WTW7600X and dryer WED7600X. Went to Sears fully intending to buy the LGs, but here's what I found:

- the shape of the door and opening of the Cabrio dryer are so much nicer. The door sort of wraps over the top edge of the dryer, and when open, you can move in close to the opening and it's far easier to reach into the machine. Great ergonomics. And, when you close the door, it sounds solid. Like the difference between a Corolla door and an Audi.

- love, love the lint screen inside the dryer - that whole mess of the old lint screens on top was really awful, though I didn't realize HOW awful til I got this.

- I was really drawn to the sparkly stainless steel tub of the LG washer - you don't think they made it extra eye-catching, do you? Sort of like those really bright lights in jewelry stores? But,

- the nice rounded shape of the top controls on the Cabrio, and the settings it offers won me over. And there was that little sticker about made in the USA - kinda nice. Whirlpool is a venerable American brand.

- I am every bit of 5' tall, and was a little concerned having read the tub was very deep. But it's no deeper, I think, than my old large capacity machine. Plus, the tub spins so easily and tips, so one can swing the lurkers around to the front. Besides, I think a little extra blood flow to my head is not a bad thing.

- it is so cool not to have that stupid agitator. What a joy to load and unload this washer.

- love the glass in the doors - kinda weird - what is that all about??

- just took out a load of white towels and saw no damage. My sister has an old washer with agitator and her towels are CHEWED on the sides. That whole damage thing might say more about the quality of the towels and not the washer. Kinda garbage, in garbage out?

- I have a well and in the summer, when it's dry, I've had to choose between shower and watering gardens - every drop counts, so less water used in washing means more for the gardens.

- can't comment on clean - my stuff doesn't get all that dirty, and I haven't had for long enough. I know, I know - that's the whole reason for a washer & dryer....

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Love 'em.

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It's always a good thing, to hear when a product is performing as one hopes and expects. I've seen the Cabrios and LG Waveforce, he toploaders...and I am impressed. If I was not a Miele-a-holic, I think I would like a Cabrios.

Here's to more happy and clean laundering!!!


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Glad to hear you're happy with them I too was impressed with the LG until I looked at the specs a bit deeper. My sister bought a Cabrio a few months ago and couldn't be happier.

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