Trane versus Rheem

Jackie02July 24, 2012

I live in Phoenix, and am fully replacing my 16 year old Trane 4 and 5 ton units. I have bids on both Trane and Rheem from very good contractors. Trane units are 16 seer 2 stage cooling/heating. Rheem units are 15.5 seer 2 stage cooling/heating. All other elements of the proposals seem to be the same, except Rheem has 2 years labor versus Trane at 10, and Rheem heat exchange warranty is 15 versus Trane at 20. Rheem has a 3 year PMA versus 1 year on Trane. Package pricing is 32% more for the Trane units versus Rheem. Neither the Rheem tech or Trane tech could tell me specifically what the difference is between the Rheem and Trane units. While I sense Trane may be a bit higher quality, I would like to know what the justification is to spend that much more. Any help on telling me what the difference is in quality would be greatly appreciated.

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Are the contractors planning to install units with the same sizes? I know Phoemix gets very hot, but 9 tons is a lot of cooling. Did either contractor do a heat load calculation?

You need to understand if each contractor is providing equivalent equipment and services. Can you provide a list of model numbers and what each contractor will be doing as part of the installation? This may help in justifying why the Trane quote is much higher than the Rheem.

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FYI: Trane makes American Standard. AS is usually cheaper than T in all sizes. You might want to see if you can get a quote on them.

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Trane is probably the most expensive brand out there. Rheem makes good stuff but doesn't carry that very large price-tag. Rheem uses scroll compressors and their units have plenty of features. They could be easier to work on as I've known some techs say that Trane's can be a pain to work on. I would consider the rheem if you want to save some money.

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I would want to see the model numbers on each quote.

I will repeat though what I have posted in the past.

Generally, Rheem and sister company Rudd might be the most underrated and overlooked brand in the residential HVAC market.

You might want to take the Rheem quote and slap an Ext warranty on the equipment to ease your mind.

Make no mistake. There are three parts to a successful install.

Quality HVAC equipment
Dealer experience
And a good ductwork system usually disregarded.


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Units are comparable. Calcs show I have about 48,000 cubic feet (4,000 sq ft home with vaulted ceilings), so I believe the 4 ton for upstairs and 5 ton for downstairs are accurate. Model numbers are as follows: Rheem - RARL-JEZ (compressor) and RGPE (gas furnace). Trane - XL16i (compressor) and XV80 (gas furnace). Air handlers have separate model #s, but are hard to read on the estimates. Other than described above, the estimates match as far as work to be completed and parts provided. Great idea on getting an estimate on American Standard, as from what I can see, they are rated higher than Trane, although part of the same company. I assume pricing may be better, as you aren't paying for the higher advertising costs associated with Trane. Feedback I have heard is Tranes are more expensive to repair, and a bit of a pain as well. Good idea on the extended warranty option on Rheem. Still undecided, but feel I have a better understanding now. Thanks much for the input!

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Either unit will give good service if properly sized and installed. If the installers are of equal comptenece then warranty provisions should be the deciding factor. Is the warranty service totally free for a specified period or will you be charged trip fees? Not getting a clear understanding about things such as trip fees and such can provide some nasty finiancial surprises when warranty service is needed

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Look past hardware brand name and focus on specifics of extended warranty. Don't make the mistake of believing the more well-known brand will deliver superior reliability in service.

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