Refridgerating or Freezing 'breaded' chicken

vettinMay 26, 2012

I take thinly sliced chicken breast or tilapia, pound it even thinner, then coat in egg and cover with parmesan and fry in olive oil.

Trying to make prepared meals on the weekend so I can use them during the week. Is thre any way I can make this ahead of time and it not go bad?

Your ideas appreciated!

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You can pound, dip and coat with parmesan and freeze with saran between each piece. If they are really pounded thin you won't even have to defrost before cooking.
Linda C

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I don't care for frozen fish, but I like chicken filets or fingers. I dip chicken breasts pounded out whole or in strips in seasoned flour, egg and fresh made bread crumbs seasoned with fresh grated parmesan.

Freeze on parchment covered trays. When frozen, package in freezer containers or freezer bags.

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Thank you, how long can they be frozen for?

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