a creative dog 'gate' on the cheap?

pammyfayOctober 31, 2009

Trying to think of ways to block off the up staircase, with something I can place between the wall and through 2 of the balusters. Tried the plain wood expandable gate, but it really marred the woodwork.

Can you help me think of alternatives?

Maybe connecting some lengths of PVC pipe together into a rectangle and covering it all around with fabric? I thought that would let me make something at the exact size I need.

What else can you think of?

There's a real gate for the kitchen, but I want something gentle for keeping the dog from going up the stairs when we're in the living room.

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If the wood expandable gate is a good fit, you could pad the areas that touch the woodwork. Moleskin from the drug store would work.

If the dog is not determined, a large piece of stiff cardboard will work.

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Have you checked out a baby gate? They are usually cheap & shouldn't mark the wall. Picked one up @ garage sale for my daughter for $5.

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We have a baby gate that we picked up when the pups were in house training. We stored it away and brought it out last week to block the stairs so Cooper can't go up while he is recuperating from surgery.

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We used to wrap a towel around the wood banister then tie the gate to the towel. The other side was attached to the wall. We didn't damage the wood that way.

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We also use an expandable baby gate. (It is as old as my "baby," that is, about 25 years old.

For a few dollars you can find plumbing foam pipe insulation that just slips on and protects the woodwork. See link below.

It has also been very useful on vacation at the beach to keep the dogs on the deck or confined to part of the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumbing pipe insulation

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