Miele W1213 problem

patty_2006February 23, 2011

I have loved my washing for the past 4 1/2 years, but recently, the clothes are coming out wet. I've had service calls from the local Bill Smith appliance tech, who cannot seem to diagnose the problem. When I place it on manual spin (which I learned how to program from this forum - thank you!) the clothes come out dry.. they have re-alligned the brushes & this has not helped. When they spoke with Miele tech service, two techs there are in disagreement. One wants to replace the brushes, and one thinks it's an oversudsing issue. But the diagnostics the tech run do not show this. Has anyone encountered such a problem? This is becoming frustrating with 3 children! Especially since what led me to Miele was LG frontloader which failed within the first week of doing laundry and was an absolute nightmare. Thank you!

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Hi Patty, sorry for your troubles with the washer!

Does your local tech have the service manual?

The way my machine works and most likely yours also is that it will reduce spin speed if it senses a great off balance state. There are two sensors (I think) one for the motor speed and the other I don't remember right now.

When you say replacing the brushes, are you talking about motor brushes? If so, it doesn't add up since if you force it by program to run at full speed, the motor does it's job.

Can you ask your technician if he entered the service mode and received a specific error code?

Finally, I don't think it would hurt to run 2-3 empty sanitize cycles and see if it changes anything.

Keep us posted!

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Ditto with mihai. I have the same machine and occasionally it can't balance a load enough to enter into a full high or max spin speed. It only happens occasionally however.

Without knowing all the little details I can only suggest that you add a few additional like items so that is is easier for the machine balance the load and ramp up to full spin speed.

Good luck.

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I've never seen the tech open a manual. I will ask about the brushes & error codes. I was having some suds left over as well as the wet clothes, but he found no error codes for over sudsing. He did mention, the Tide HE (free & gentle) I use could have changed it's formulas to meet new standards, & this could be the reason. He told me to balance that with a bit more fabric softener, but did not help. Well, depending on what happens tomorrow, it will be a question of repairing the brushes (which not even sure if it is) or buying a new machine. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow. Thanks for your responses.

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Patty, please follow the link below , you will find the manual in the comments section.

The tech will be able to run tests on sensors and other components.

Based on what you are saying I think you're being taken advantage of, or the tech doesn't know where he is going but trying to repair the washer anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: W1213 repair manual

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Wow! I can't believe it's been a year. The repair man replaced the brushes, but no solution. I watched the machine and noticed a lot of sudsing... So I ran it through a million washes (using a little desudzer each time) This seemed to be the solution, but sure enough, using just a bit of Tide HE, the machine was still holding on to residue. So, my solution has been to run the machine every month on whites or sanitize a few times and have switched to Persil. Even with using 2 Tablespoons of Persil with each load, I still run in to the problem occasionally. Has anyone else had sudsing problems with their Miele's?

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@patty 2006 - I have to use one-fourth (1/4) the amount of detergent dose that is recommended on any product I use in my nine-month old Miele W4842. Any more than that, and I still have suds in the rinses. If a load is particularly grungy, I might be able to go 1/3 dose, but no more.
Fabric softener can reduce the amount of visible suds, but the stuff and the residue are still there.

When you run a HOT or SANITIZE wash with no detergent and an empty drum to 'clean' the machine, are there suds in the wash cycle? If so, it's a sign that you've got detergent residue and need to reduce your dose. Ask me how I know ...

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Yes there are suds! But if I use any less detergent than I am already my whites do not come out clean. This is why every so often I need to run it through a bunch of times. I've been tackling this for almost a year now & thus my solution. What happened with your machine?

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@patty_2006 - Nothing has happened with my machine, because I stay on top of the sudsing, which was part of my learning curve with this machine (our first FL washer) and figured out the right dose for my machine and water. Too much detergent, as well as additives, can ruin the spider and the insides of a washer. Detergent and fabric softener residue can also cause the dreaded mold problem.

In spite of my Miele Owner's Manual stating to 'closely follow the detergent manufacturer's suggestions,' the guys at Miele USA's 1-800 tell me to use 1/4 of whatever the detergent packaging says, as a starting point, and adjust up as needed. (that old "YMMV") Using a one-fourth dose is also what my salesperson told me, as well as the technician who came out for an unrelated minor repair. THOSE guys know our local water.

Which temperature(s) are you washing your whites, etc.? We can't help you without more info on that.

Two TBSP of Persil might be too much for your water quality. My Miele is a super-large-capacity (approx 3.5 to 4 cu. ft) which is (I think) only slightly larger than your machine's capacity. When the drum is 1/2 full with dry laundry, I use only 10ml/1 tsp. of Persil. That is the amount that works with our water quality, which is med/hard. Any more detergent, and I see suds in the final rinse and waste a lot of water trying to get it out of my laundry. Truth is stranger than fiction, but there you have it.
Detergent residue/build-up can cause dingy whites. It also makes clothing/everything scratchy. Now that the old pre-FL detergent residue is gone and I have my dosing figured out, everything comes out of my Miele W&D so soft, that I don't know why anyone would need fabric softener.

Does your Miele have an "Extend" feature, to make the wash cycle last longer? Try that with a warmer water setting and less detergent.

Have you read the thread linked below?

Here is a link that might be useful: My Detergent Diet

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Thank you- thank you for all your information. It seems 2 TBSP Persil might be too much as I'm running the machine through the 10th Sanitize Cycle & still getting suds. I am washing whites using the extra white mode on hot water & yes they were scratchy! Amazing. Still learning.

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patty_2006 - you might have enough detergent residue, that you could wash some of those whites, next time, without any detergent added. Seriously, don't use more than 1/4 of the recommended dose of any detergent until the whole problem has gone away, and see what happens, and definitely let us know.

Ten Sanitize cycles with no additives or laundry should not still yield suds. My best amateur guess is that you've got a lot of detergent residue inside your machine from using too much for your water quality. Keep us posted on your progress.

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