Need a new washer/dryer

kittycollectorFebruary 12, 2012

Help! I have been trying to research HE washers and am confused! I'd like to stick with a TL washer. Would like steam in the dryer, not necessarily the washer. Is the internal heater worthwhile? I wash both heavy and normal/delicates such as jeans, towels, king and queen sized comforters, sheets and nursing uniforms. Have kind of narrowed down choices to Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung or LG, but ANY suggestions would be appreciated! Thank You!

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For a HE/Energy Star rated washer getting a Internal Heater is virtually mandatory.
Due to government regulations you will not get anything that even resembles "hot" water in a HE "Energy Star" rated washer unless it has an internal heater.

Even then it is usually only 1 or 2 cycles that actually use the heater.

We bought a LG WT5101HV, been more than happy with it.
It cleans fantastic with cold water and has 2 Hot water cycles. Bright Whites is 122 degrees and last 90 minutes.
Sanitary is 158 degrees and last 3 hours.

I put the setting on regular "hot" in order to get a true "warm" of between 80-90 degrees.
The LG apparently uses just a bit more water than several of the other brands apparently plus you have the option to even add water if you feel the need.
You can also put it on "Bulky/Bedding" cycle and it fills the tub full with water.
So far I have zero complaints about the LG but have only owned it about 5 months or so.

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I hope kittycollector doesn't mind but I would like to add to her questions. I have to buy a new washer/dryer set this weekend. I have a few questions:

1. What I would like to know is what are your favorite features and why?

2. Also if you do FL, do you recommend pedestals?

3. Did you make any accomodations for accessibility if a unit needs repair (like higher cabinets or no counters)?

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My opinions based on experience with Duet 9400 FL for seven years.......

(I don't know anyone who puts TL's on pedestals...assume this is question for FL's)

1) Absolute number-one must-have: On-board heater that can enable ACTUAL wash temperatures desired -- and at least three cycles that use it. This has become quite difficult to learn. Mfgr's don't like to talk about it but can be learned with persistence. (In my opinion 'hot" should mean 120F or above, not 95 or 100 for example. "Warm" should mean 95/100, not 76.) Relatively quiet. Larger capacity (mine's 3.8 which is much larger than previous Maytag TL.) Ability to fit into available space.

2) Pedestals preferred by many (I don't care, but many people do) to raise openings to more convenient level. They also raise the tops to a level some find hard to reach or conflict with existing cabinets. They also make competent install (leveling and equal foot-weighting) more difficult. If there are vibration issues, they will be amplified and made more troublesome to resolve.

3) Not for me....but I can imagine certainly would for some install-sites. Height added by pedestals may need more careful consideration.

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kittycollector, for me the internal heater is necessary, not just worthwhile. Without one you won't have true hot water in virtually every current washer on the market, even many "traditional" TL's. (This may not apply if you're in a subtropical climate such as Florida).

I have a Maytag Bravos and absolutely love it. It's the 875 model which comes with an internal heater, but has been discontinued. There are newer models which have internal heaters.

My washer not only allows me to have true hot water, but also true warm water. Otherwise, the 'warm' wash water is cool to cold, depending on the season.

I can use the internal heater with almost every cycle. I cannot use it with the soak cycle. I use it with almost every load of laundry I wash, so for me it is indispensable.

I encourage you to research washers thoroughly; when we were in the market for a much-needed new washer, I did a lot of research online (at manufacturers' websites, store websites where there was not only info but also lots of reviews, and forums such as this).

I also conducted informal polls among friends, relatives, and acquaintances to see what worked well (and didn't) for them.

When we finally made the purchase, I asked the salesmen LOTS of questions beforehand. At one point, one had to get the main company on the phone and let me talk to them, lol. In the end, all of this was well worth the time and effort. I wanted to KNOW what I was getting.

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Thanks everyone for your input. VERY helpful. I will definitely look for a washer with an internal heater. Anyone else have any suggestions on brands of washers? Pros and Cons? Thanks!

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