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livebetterFebruary 13, 2011

Hi All, assuming I don't choke and cancel my Miele order tomorrow, my machines will arrive on Tuesday and the installers will be here Wednesday.

I have A LOT of laundry to do ... so ... I would like some user advice to avoid too much trial and error on my part (although I know there will be some). I assume you've all found a system that works for you (some of you working around the Normal setting with no heater).

Could you please provide advice for washer programs to use (temps and spin speeds if different from default), as well as, dryer programs for the following:

1. bath towels - all white - Egyptian cotton

2. tea towels - cotton/linen - I've never done these with a heater so would you use sanitary? Would you do that each time or once in a while? If not every time, what would you do between sanitary washes?

3. bedding - mostly all white sheets. Supima and Egyptian cotton.

4. kids' bedding - currently flannel sheets (white with a dark blue pattern on them)

6. kids' clothes (plus a few of husband's casuals) - mostly cotton - nothing too dirty

7. husband's dress shirts - cotton - I know there is a dress shirt program - assume I would use that?

I'm scared of these high heat washes. If I choose Extra White for white cotton sheets or white towels will they shrink?

Also, I get $50 in complimentary Miele Care products (part of the 10 year warranty upgrade). Any products in particular you would recommend trying - knowing that I don't like too much scent. Larsi, I know you like the Delicates Wash so I may give that a try. It smells of rose to me - which I like.

Thanks for your help/direction.

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Also, are there any standard settings you think should be adjusted right away?

I know Larsi mentioned an extended cool down. What do you use to set higher rinse water?

Anything else?

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Hi Livebetter,
I have a W 3000 series and a W 5000 series Miele washing machine. This is the way I wash the loads you talking at in mine.
1. I use 60�C Cottons wash, this would be the Extra White cycle so it engages the heater. I use Water plus option so it would the same as the 'Sensitive' option on yours.
2. Teatowels again on Cottons 60�C or 75�C depending on how soiled they are. If you use 'Sanitary' you can drop the temp to hot.
3. Really good bedlinen, I would use Wrinkle Free with hot setting if they are white, with Sensitve option. You will notice the water level on this cycle is higher than others, besides Delicates.
4. Kid's bedding on very warm on Custom so the heater engages, Sensitve if you like
5. Kid's clothing or polos and shorts in general I wash on Wrinkle Free
6. Business shirts on shirts programme warm setting with sensitve option
I hope this helps.
I use only powder for whites and all coloured clothing I use a liquid detergent for coloureds. HE of course

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I LOVE the Miele Care Collection Delicates wash. I've never thought of it smelling like roses, but maybe a little now that you mention it. Here in CA, it retails for $20/bottle, and the bottle is not very big. I do LOVE, LOVE it for sheets. The sheets feel like silk and look virtually ironed. I do ALWAYS use a cap of Downy with a little water for EVERY load I wash! I DO NOT like the Miele Care color or universal powder or liquid. I find Persil is much, much better. The MieleCare Fabric Softener is quite good though, and yes...the smell is light and very gentle!!

For sheets I almost always use Wrinkle Free, with either warm or very warm water. Spin speed High (Wrinkle Free will not allow you to select Max Spin). I've found Wrinkle Free to be the ideal sheet cycle.

For our clothes and our son's clothes, I use Normal, with either Warm or Very Warm water settings OR I use Custom with Warm or Very Warm. Custom will utilize the on board heater, so water temperature will be very consistent and maintained! Normal will just use water from your home water heater.

I no longer have any whites. I used to only buy white towels and white sheets...but I grew tired of the look and blandness of white. I have recently been on a chocolate brown and Cape Cod blue kick! But when I had white, I used Extra White ALL the time. No shrinking or fabric damage!

I CANNOT recommend enough having the dryer adjusted right away. Have them set the Normal Cycle to not allow as much moisture & set it a little warmer. Also, have them activate the extended cool down / extended reverse tumble. Clothes and sheets come out wrinkle free, cool and SO fluffy! 99% of time I just use Normal + the Gentle Option for everything I dry. Flawless everytime. Gentle just regulates how quickly the dryer heats up...it's easier on clothes, elastics, prints, etc...

I have my machine set to Water + / Extra Rinse. Having the higher rinse levels really makes the clothes feel softer and fresher. Just remember the Water+ will not work for any Custom Cycle...just the pre set buttons and Master Care cycles. The Comforters setting is AMAZING and I use the Beach towels on my son's school clothes, before I wash his clothes using either Normal or Custom. The Beach towels cycle, removes any sand or debris. Great cycle!

Do NOT canel your order!! You're gonna FLIP how amazing Miele washers and dryers are!!!

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Thank you! This is a great place to start.

I had my current machine down to a fine science so I'm a little nervouse about starting from scratch.

I will speak with the installers about some of the program changes and see what's involved.

I guess we know what I'll be doing Wednesday and Thursday this week :)

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@livebetter... My recommendation would be NOT to change any factory settings until you've had a chance to use the machine in its factory specified condition. Every person's needs are different, so while I may like higher rinse levels due to having a whole house water softener, others who do not have one may not find a need to increase the rinse levels.

With regards to changing your dryer settings, I would definitely recommend against doing that for the time being. If the dryer is lacking, adjust only where it is lacking. For instance, I tried the extended tumble but found that the clothes came out a little too dry for my taste. I like to feel a tiny bit of residual moisture in my clothes - it's good for the fabrics and helps keep them soft. The default settings are designed to deliver optimal drying with some residual moisture without OVER drying. But again, different people have different preferences and tastes. On those rare occasions when I want the load to tumble a little longer, I simply turn on the 15-minute no heat setting and have the best of both worlds.

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