Trane, Rheem, York Bids-Which is better?

lawyerguyJuly 5, 2011

I have received bids for a new HVAC system for my house. The house is 16 yrs old with new double paned windows that are 2yrs old. The house is about 1800 square feet. Following are some of the information that I have received. All are 3 ton.

1. Trane XB14 #4TTB4036

Coils 4TXCB036

Furnace: TUD1B100A945

$5931.00 Seer: up to 16

2. Trane XB14 #4TTB4036

Coil 2 stage--4TXCB036

Furnace: TUh2B080A9U4UA

$7771.00 Seer: up to 16

3. Trane XR15$TTR5036

Coil 4TXCB036

Furnace: TUD1B100A945

$6806.00 SEER: up to 17

4. York R410A

Coil: M-FC43B3XN1

Furnace: York MTM9X080B12MP

$6656.07 SEER: 15.25

5. Rudd UAPL


Furnace: UGRK

$6500.00 SEER:14.5

I've heard and seen some information about York being substandard in the past due to parts from China. Is this still the case? The contractor that installs this brand is well thought of in the area. But if the brand he sells is not any good, I don't want to go that direction. Maybe things have changed?

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What is your location?

What size/eff furnace and AC are you replacing?

How would you describe the insulation quality of your home?

You are missing size and models on the York and Rudd quote.

Do any of the quotes include new refrigerant line set? How about a box filter and new thermostat?

Just a quick observation that the Trane quotes #1 and #3 are probably grossly oversized on the furnace.

Post back and I will go into more detail on the Trane and Rudd quotes.


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York doesnt have any parts that i know of from China, units are usually assembled in Normon Ok. Some of the equipment is assembled in mexico but most all companys have a manufactoring plant in mexico. Please give us complete model numbers.

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All York residential and light commercial Unitary Product Group products are Made In USA.
The equipment on your quote is made in Wichita KS.
Their packaged equipment is made in Norman OK.

Only very large (such as packaged over 40 tons) are made in Mexico.

You can verify this on their website.

I also think you should ask for AHRI matchup numbers when comparing your quotes. Any quote that says "up to...#" is the max that can be attained for that product category of equipment, and may not be what your matchup is rated.

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I'm a fan of York/Luxaire/Coleman.
Good quality with alot of features. Their outdoor A/C condensors are very quiet. Alof of my neighbors have them and they haven't had problems.

What part of the country are you in? Whats your electric per KW?

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Regarding the term "up to" as it applies to SEER, is meaningless.

It probably only applies to 1 or 2 sizes, matched with a particular evaporator coil.

Ask the contractors for an AHRI certificate for the equipment (model #s)that they are proposing.


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