What to do with leftover Spaghetti Squash?

fishymomMay 7, 2014

I love Spaghetti Squash, but my husband does not. He will eat it for one meal, but repeats with leftovers are a no go for him. Since it is just the two of us at home right now, we have leftovers each time I make it. I usually make frittatas the next day for me for lunch and freeze the rest. I now have several servings in the freezer, any suggestions on what to do with them?

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Just this morning I printed a recipe for - Paleo Spaghetti Squash Cakes Two Ways - and stuck it in my need-to-make file. Additionally, it was another way to use fresh kale from the garden. Not sure if it's something you'd be interested in, but I thought it would work nicely in my meal plans for vegetarian meals and have some in the freezer since it makes 12-patties.


Here is a link that might be useful: Paleo Spaghetti Squash Cakes

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Squash can get mushy in the freezer, so I'd do something wet. Besides frittata, there are the rest of the egg dishes: quiche, omelette, etc., but you could also enliven a bowl of tomato soup with it, add it to a pasta and sauce dish, throw it on a plate of stew, or really, add it to anything of that sort that you've made for the both of you, and only put the squash in yours. :) Offer it sweetly, "I have spaghetti squash here if you want some in yours..." It might also be kind of wonderful kept frozen, chopped and added to the top of a summer salad, if the strings aren't stuck together. I bet that would be very refreshing. :)

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Roll some up in a slice of ham, pour on some cheese sauce, and bake til golden.

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Same thing happens here. I am the only one who eats it. I usually eat it for lunch over the next two days. I like it with coconut oil, lots of pepper and probably with enough salt that most say it is too salty. I never even thought of using it a different way. Hopefully more responses come.

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So I just saw the post on recipes on pinterest so I decided to go there too and there is a lot of recipes on spaghetti squash. I think I will try it carbonara style some time soon.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely check out Pinterest!

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I'm another who loves it. I usually steam it in the microwave until it's just tender enough to shred and then just eat it as a side with salt and pepper (butter too if I am feeling like throwing all care to the wind). If there are leftovers, they just get reheated and eaten the same way. I don't like it too mushy though so I don't cook it twice.

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We rely on leftovers all week long or we would not eat. I shop in my freezer but aways have something fresh for a leftover transformation. Take a pint of something out of the freezer the night before, or need to use something up that was cooked fresh over the weekend.
I've tossed it with pesto for lunch or a spicy salsa from a taco meal.
Lately i've been making cottage pies or quick layered lasagna type casseroles.
This one from the other night has a fresh sliced sweet potato bottom, then shallot/garlic. A layer of leftover spaghetti squash, then a big fat hand full of fresh baby spinach really thick. It cooked down and provided steam and moisture. Tomatoes, then mozzarella and gruyere i needed to use up. Not at all a big leftover 'mush' with all the fresh layering.

I also recently tried some grain cakes. (I put grainlady's link in my bookmarks folder)
I made spinach, kale, quinoa and some frozen/thawed winter squash. (Only used half of it for a corn chowder.) I had to add a bit of spice, alot of spices, to please DH.
Really good.

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