where to find laundry room cabinets

LLocketFebruary 6, 2013

Ok, so that seems like a dumb question, but this is what I mean. I want to find wall cabinets to put over my washer/dryer. Regular kitchen depth (12") is not deep enough for me to reach comfortably. I know that deeper cabinets do exist, and I've seen them CALLED laundry-room cabinets or over-the-washer cabinets, but when I search online or at home improvement stores, I can't find anything like that.

Suggestions? Don't want to spend the money for custom cabinets.

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P.S. Washer is a top-load washer, so I have to put the cabinets a little higher than I would otherwise. That's why (plus the fact that I'm 5'1")I can't reach cabinets that are shallow.

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Bump--I wold like to know this too as we are getting ready to put new cabinets in our laundry room & get a new washer/dryer.

I am guessing the cabinets you are talking about might be what we saw @ Lowes today. I don't know the brand. But you might start there. I would like to know if you find them.


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All I have ever seen for over the washer are 12 in deep. You can always go to lowes or another cabinet installation company and have custom cabinets built for your room. It would mean however in my humble opinion a lot of extra expense for a lot of wasted space that you could resolve with an inexpensive step stool and a set of standard cabinets. Most of the time your most used items would be within reach without step on the bottom shelves. My wife is only about your height and doesnt have to stand on her toes or jump up to get things out of our cabinets.
With the cabinets at 12 inches the lid of the washer should have room to open if your machines arent flat agaist the wall. Otherwise with deep cabinets the extra clearance will be required and your cablinets will be possibly too high even if they stuck out far enough to bang your head on them while loading and unloading your washer.
If you have 10 ft ceilings and stand 6 foot tall all would be AOK

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I bought pre made cabinets from Lowes and they were absolute JUNK. They were falling apart when I took them out of the box. I returned them and bought the pre made ones at Home Depot. They were soooo much better. I can't find a brand name on the cabinet but the router part on the door is squared off instead of rounded like the Lowes brand. I also have a top loader and thought I would have to hang the cabinets higher but I just pulled the washer and dryer out further and it doesn't look bad. I added the "crown moulding" of wood clothes pins hot glued to a piece of flat trim that is sold to match the cabinets and just screwed it to the too of the cabinets to add character.

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I just looked at Home Depot and they have a knock down 32" wide, 24" high, and 16" deep cabinet for $120.

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Most cabinet shops will do 15" deep upper cabinets as well without going custom.

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I'm thinking of using the cabinets that are designed to go over a counter-depth refrigerator over our front-load W/D. They're the right depth (24"), but shorter than I'd like. They're typically 24" high, and I'd prefer 30" or 36" in my laundry room. I've seen this size wall cabinet in RTA cabinet stores and Ikea. They do need to be attached to the side walls because of their extra depth.

I'm considering doing this w/Ikea cabinets because the price would be 1/2 of going with RTA cabinets and 1/3 of custom built.

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