Air Handler Replacement

fbrustmanJuly 19, 2012

My central A/C is almost 40 years old and the compressor is dead. So, I suppose, it is time to do something. The air handler in the attic seems to work OK. Some installers suggest replacing both the outside compressor AND the air handler, others say I need only replace the compressor. Replacing both will double the cost. Anyone have advice comments, ideas, suggestions on which path to take and why? Thanks.

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In order to get maximum efficiency from your system you need a new air handler (variable speed DC fan, etc.). The new fans use very little energy and can provide better air filtration. My old fan ran only when needed and used ~ $2/day in electricity. My new fan uses ~$0.20 and is on all the time (on low).

Given the age of everything I would strongly consider replacing both items and make sure they are matched.

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