My LG Wave Force Washer Problem

washerman8February 26, 2011

I purchased the LG Wave Force washer (WT5101HW) and matching dryer in August 2010. I have been experiencing a problem with the spin speed. The washer spins at a high spin speed although I have selected the low spin speed.

I have had three computer boards in my washer and it is still doing the same thing. LG ran a diagnostic test on my machine today after I did a load on Casual/Perm. Press cycle with low spin speed selected. The test showed my washer spinning at 930 rpms. The rep. told me that the low spin speed ranged from 500 to 930 rpms. I flat out told him that no washer spins at 930 rpms on low speed. I will not believe that.

LG is supposed to make a decision by Tuesday, March 1 on whether they are going to replace my washer. I will keep you posted.

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Actually, some LGs do. While I can't find the spin speed for the WaveForce, this front loader (LSWF388HVS) does list its spin speed under specs:

Spin Speeds (RPM)

Extra High (1400 max)
High (1260/1160/1100/1050/1000
Medium (1100/1000/600)
Low (1050/600/400)
No Spin


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I can't imagine washers spinning faster than 500 to 600 rpms for low speed. I can't imagine delicates and wool being spun at 600 to 1050 rpms and not being damaged somewhat. I have had many washers over the years and not one has spun that fast for a low speed setting.

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I knowing doesn't make sense to spin PP items at high speed but that's what your washer apparently does. Could you select No Spin and then select a Spin Only cycle?

FWIW, the 24" Mieles default to 1200 rpm on their Woolens cycle - although lower speeds are possible.

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I have tried to the Spin Only selection on low speed and it still spins very fast. However, I went to the Best Buy and tried the washer they had powered up and selected Spin Only cycle on low speed. That particulary washer spun significantly slower than my washer. That's how I know it's a defect with my washer.

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Washerman, I just checked my waveforce washer on spin only and selectd low. It didnt seem to make a noticable difference in spin speed to me. I swear it was slower when I washed some stuff on delicate before. Maybe it has to have clothes in it to show the true speed, I dont know. Either way, it doesnt bother me, never had any damage from the higher spinning.

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Well, high spin speeds don't stress fibres as much as one might think. Basically, all the spin cycle does is press fibers against the drum - it doesn't swish them around like the wash cycle does. That's when threads can come undone. Still, as been said, high spin speeds defeat the purpose of a perm press cycle.

Can you get a slow spin at all? I wonder if the High Efficiency nature of this washer has most cycles default to a fast-ish spin; similar to Miele's W4xxx washers that will only spin on max speed when selecting the Normal (EnergyStar) cycle.

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Alex and gates1,

The only reason I am making a issue of this is because it is an expensive machine and should peform well. I have washed a load of dress shirts and selected low spin speed each time. They come out super wrinkled with the collar crumpled because of the super high speed spin. If I selected low spin, as I have done in other washers, the dress shirts come out clean without being very wrinkled.

LG contacted me to inform me they are denying my request for an exchange. They would like for me to use another service company and have them measure the spinning rpms of the low speed and find out why it is spinning so fast on low speed. The rep. also informed me, again, that 930 rpms is normal for a low spin speed. My Speed Queen spun at 710 rpms for nomral spin speed and 475 rpms for slow spin speed and LG expects me to accept that 930 rpms is normal for a low spin speed. Not happening.

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Your previous Speed Queen is a completely different mechanical platform than the LG and cannot be directly compared.

Spin speed is of course controlled by software on the board, which is easily changed by board updates/revisions. The display unit you are comparing at Best Buy could conceivably have an older-version board programmed for lower speeds vs. your newer unit (and replacement boards) that have possibly been revised. However, 930 RPM does seem rather much high for "low" spin.

My Neptune TL spins faster on Low than I'd expect, and Low on Regular or Heavy cycles is faster than Low on Delicate or Handwash ... but there's is an obvious difference between the choice of speeds on any given cycle.

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washerman, so when you take your dress shirts out of the washer and toss them in the dryer, what is the end result of them? Wrinkled? I havent had any wrinkling issues so far when clothes come out of the dryer.

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I have some really nice dress shirts that I like to wash on delicate cycle. Because this machine spins so darn fast during the final spin (low spin speed selected), the shirts are extremely wrinkled and the collars are crumpled after they are taken out of the dryer. Also, I have to hear the future Mrs. mouth about how her bras and other delicate clothing are being damaged.

I have used both the Casual and Delicates cycle and they both spin extremely fast during the spin portion of the cycles.

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I have contacted the store manager of the Best Buy I purchased the washer/dryer pair from. He advised me to call the 1-888-BEST BUY and ask for a replacement authorization number. Best Buy is sending a tech out on Friday to evaluate my washer problem.

I did a load tonight and selected the low spin setting again. Again, during the last two minutes of the Perm Press cycle, it ramped up to the Extra High spin speed (1100 rpms). The LG told me it only reaches 930 rpms on low spin speed setting. Go figure.

Hopefully, I can get my washer replaced so that we can be happy about our purchase,.

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Much braver than I am. I haven't put my dress shirts and slacks in a washing machine since college. I found the (insert name here) cleaners does a much better job than I ever could. They even come pressed. Weird.

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LG has approved the replacement of my washing machine. After having my washer examined twice and repaired twice, it is finally being replaced. I am out of the country until next week and, hopefully, my washer will be exchanged soon after my return. I will keep you updated.


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washerman, I did a load on delicate and it did indeed spin a lot slower, but I havent noticed it if the tub is empty and i do a spin only on a low speed. I will double check and get back with you on it

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Thanks gates1. The rep. from LG has already emailed me my exchange document. When I get back from Venice, I will go to Best Buy and have my old unit picked up and my new one delivered. I hope this unit work properly. I really do like my machine other than the spin issue. BTW, I did test three other machines that were plugged in at the stores. All three did spin slow on the low spin speed. This assured me my washer is defective.

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I wonder just how many defective units are out there that LG doesn't know about.


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I was wondering the same thing. I know my unit wasn't the only one doing this. I don't think many people pay attention to how their appliances perform. As long as their clothes are clean, they are happy.

As I wrote earlier, I liked the way my machine worked except for the spin issue. My dress shirts would come out extremely wrinkled on the Casual/Perm. Press cycle with the low spin speed selected. After the first time, I paid attention and realized my washer was spinning at the maximum spin speed on every cycle selected.

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I received my replacement LG Wave Force washer(WT5101HW this morning. I have noticed some differences in the way my new washer performs. First, the spin speed selector works. If I select low spin speed, its spins slow. Much slower than my other washer. Second, the final spin cycle on Cotton/Normal cycle and Heavy Duty cycle is 19 minutes long. My other washer had a 12 minute final spin cycle. My clothes seem much drier coming from this washer. Third, the spray rinse is 23 seconds shorter than my other washer. Fourth, this washer is much quieter than my old washer.

I am loving my washer again. I am so glad LG approved the replacement of my washer.

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I did a load on the Casual/Perm. Press cycle and selected the low spin speed. The washer spun at the max. speed during the final spin as did I my previous washer. Has anyone else noticed this with their 5101 washer?

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