How to bump out the sink cabinet...

lhartnettJanuary 24, 2009

I'm keeping most of my existing cabinets but changing a few out so I'll need to take the cabinets out, then re-install. One cabinet I'm keeping is the sink base. It does not have a bump out now but I think I'd like a 1.5" bump out (like ni 2006) to add a little pizazz. Can I do this by using the same base and simply pulling it forward from the wall 1.5" and adding the decorative molding on the front? I will be replacing the counter tops too.


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Will your water supply and waste drain pipes have to be extended?

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I just measured. the pipes are 2" from the back of the cabinet.

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The other thing to consider is if there will be clearance for a garbage disposal (if you plan on having one). If there is no problem with the pipes, then I would think the sink base cabinet could be moved out the distance you indicate provided the sides are finished.

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gemini16, I really like our sink bump out, and I am sure it is going to look great in your kitchen. I don't know much about plumbing to tell you whether it is going to work or not. My only advice is to make sure that the sink is brought forward as well to make it easy for you to reach your faucet.

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A lot depends on how your cabs are built, how the plumbing was done.

If all the plumbing comes from the wall, it's easier. You may be able to simply remove the back wall of the cab box, bring it forward, add a new piece of wood to fill the gap.

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Just FYI, a standard sink bump out I think is 3". That is what mine is. Are you sure it would be worth it for 1 1/2"? I am not sure it would be as noticeable visually. Are you getting new counter tops and sink? If so, your sink hook-up would be in a different spot anyway, since the drain isn't likely to be located in the exact same spot as the old sink drain. You are likely going to need to re-plumb anyway, so go for it. I love the look, I think it is a little a more interesting. Many cabinets now a days, esp. if they are foreign made, have open backs. So you can just remove as much of the back as necessary as long as you don't cut into the frame if they are framed cabinets. If you run into trouble re plumbing the sink, it isn't usually too expensive to have a plumber do just that. I would guess about 100.00 around here. Not a large expense as far as kitchen renos go.


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Thanks for all the input. Sue, ni 2006 did the 1.5" bump out and i really it like it. It give a little subtle interest. It sounds like it could be doable so I'll give it a shot.

Of course I just came from a home show and talked to more kitchen cabinet folks and flooring folks so i continue to have more ideas and confusion!!! I guess this is why so many people take months, even years, planning the remodel.

Happy Saturday.

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I searched and found pictures of it. I have never seen a 1 1/2 inch bumpout before, it is more subtle but it does look nice.


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I think it all depends on how you deal with the unfinished sides of the cabinet. If it was not bumped out before, chances are that 1.5 inches that stick out is going to be the unfinished sides (often a different-color formica), and so you'll need to plan on covering that with matching trim. But perhaps you've figured that out already. As for the plumbing, I think your plumber can move the drain and faucet lines wherever you want, 1.5" is not going to be a big deal. Good luck!

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