not enough water in washer

ElisePoFebruary 11, 2012

I have a GE Profile top loading washer that I have had for a few years and hated for a few years. The main reason is that it never seems to have enough water. I always have to run a second rinse so its not really saving water. It doesn't even cover the clothes, it just gets them all wet and stops. I would say that the water level is usually at about 3/4 of where the clothes go to. I'm wondering if anyone knows where the sensor is located and if there is any way to "trick" it so I can finally do a real load of laundry and not be frustrated?!

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There are sites on the internet that show how to adjust the water level on front loaders. It is a matter of getting into the machine and turning a set screw. A friend of mine did it. Perhaps it is the same on a top loader once you find the set screw.

Here is a link that might be useful: Front load water level adjustment

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Google GE Profile water level switch. Don't you have a knob on the front of your machine to adjust the water level?

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