HELP!! Washing machine bust, need new machine, no time

loves2cook4sixFebruary 17, 2011

to do research with 8 people living here for the next few weeks and 3 loads of laundry a day it's going to back up fast.

We have an old Maytag. 25 years old. Top loader. It washes but won't drain or spin.

So please point me in the right direction...Top or front loading. Good brand? We are very fortunate in that we can afford the best IF the best is the most expensive. We would far rather get the best machine even if it is not the most expensive.


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1) Do you have commercial laundry service available to you? If so, use it for a few days or weeks so you can think. Whatever you buy will have a learning curve that will make you nuts under pressure. And, afterward, you'll be living with it for 10 years. You need to make a good choice.

2) Do you have machine-rental facility close to you? If so, maybe they'll bring something over for the short-term to keep you out of trouble.

3) Get an FL with a heater and learn how to use it. I don't know what you have now but I suspect the 4cf+ FL's you'll be considering will be 2.5 - 3.5X the capacity of your familiar washer. I suspect you'll find your accustomed burden lightening considerably. Give yourself time to think and compare.

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loves2cook4six writes: "So please point me in the right direction...Top or front loading. Good brand?"

If you are not prepared to spring for a Miele, then look at the Samsung WF328AA. Whatever you eventually decide that you want, it provides a useful benchmark. If you can find a washer that better fits your needs -- and you may -- than the Samsung WF328AA, buy it.

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Thanks for the good advice.

I could strangle my dh with wet something or other LOL. He saw the cold water tap was leaking so turned it off.

Heck, I have no clue why that meant the washer didn't work properly but he turned the tap back on and VOILA.

Pity, cause I was all psyched up to get a new one :)

Guess this work horse is still going. They don't make them like they used to.

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I knew when I moved into this house that the 25 year old Kenmores wouldn't last long, so I started researching then. I've read articles, reviews, and I think I've been to every store that sells appliances in a 50 mile radius.

I need a top-loader due to space constraints, and I wasn't pleased with any of them. When the washer and dryer died at the end of August, I knew I had to bite the bullet and choose something, and I was going to go with the Maytag Centennial. Until I saw the LG top-loader. I looked up the reviews and they were consistently good, and they had a good repair rating by a leading consumer periodical.

My budget isn't unlimited, and they were much more than I wanted to spend, but I haven't regretted it for one minute. I love them. The capacity is amazing, and the clothes come out much cleaner than any other washer I've ever owned.

But you are the only one who can decide if a top or front loading machine is best for your needs. There are pros and cons to each.

I strongly suggest you measure your available space, and where the necessary connections are as this may limit your choices. And then go to an appliance dealer that carries a broad range of machines and actually touch them, and look at them. Keep in mind some of the suggestions you've received here. Then go and read the reviews.

It's important to see them because I found that I would find one that received okay reviews, but then when I saw it, something about it would annoy me - like the 5 settings for cold - cold, tap cold, cool cold, etc.

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"He saw the cold water tap was leaking so turned it off."

Oops! Glad to learn you're OK,

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Oops! Glad to learn you're OK

Ahh, but is DH OK? :-)

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