What's a good price for rhubarb?

lpinkmountainMay 10, 2010

I saw some great looking rhubarb at the grocery last weekend, and it is rare to see it anywhere around here. But it was 3.49/lb. and my rule is no more than 2 bucks a pound for produce. Most of the rhubarb I've had in my life has come from someone's garden. Do any of you buy rhubarb at a market, and if so, how much does it cost? If I find some at a good price I might buy it and freeze it. It might be worth it to buy the rhubarb at a higher price for jam, but I've never been able to get rhubarb jam to set up, and I'm kind of sick of rhubarb sauce, which is what I've been eating for the past two years!

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I bought rhubarb for the first time yesterday. It is very nice looking as far I could tell. I paid 2.99 a pound at Raley's in Modesto, CA. This store isn't the cheapest in town nor the most expensive.

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It is in our grocery stores anywhere from $1.99 to $2.99 per pound. I picked up 4 bunches of rhubarb at the farmers market yesterday for $1.00 per bunch. Each bunch weighing a pound.


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I just pulled rhubarb, and I'm just starting to see it in the stores here. Right now it's anywhere from $1.49 to $2.49 a pound, but it'll be cheaper in a week or two.

I made rhubarb pie for Mother's Day with mine.


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Here is central Maryland I usually pay $2.99 - $3.99 a pound at the grocery store. Safeway usually has the best looking rhubarb of all the grocery stores. The other stores usually have a meager selection of limp rhubarb.

I usually only buy it once a year for my annual rhubarb pie so I don't object much to the price.

The farmers markets are just opening, so it may be cheaper there.

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Yeah Momj, limp and meager selection of rhubarb, that has been my typical experience here in NE PA. It just must not be an east coast thing. Our big "farm market" here in Allentown actually carries very little local produce, and I didn't see rhubarb there last week, but I went at the end of the market on Saturday. There is a produce market in town which has the best prices for all the imported stuff, I guess I can look there. But since all that stuff is imported, the price is good there but the quality spotty. Sometimes great stuff for a good price, sometimes marginal stuff for a low price, which I have found just isn't worth it in the long run. We have some real farm markets around here but I have never seen rhubarb offered. I think it comes on too early in the season, a lot of those places aren't open for produce yet.

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Rhubarb is huge in the east....Pennsylvania practically INVENTED the stuff. The reason you don't see it int he stores is because everyone has a plant and there is no market for it.
They sell it at the farmer's market here but I almost never see it in the store.
Take a drive around your neighborhood, when you see a big patch, knock on the door and ask what can I trade for some of your rhubarb. Of go with a loaf of home made bread in hand and say can I trade you this for some of hat rhubarb.
Linda C

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Lpink, I was at the same Allentown market on Thursday and all the produce stands had nice fresh rhubarb so they were probably sold out when you went. I didn't notice the price because I am not a fan of rhubarb but it was 2 bunches for $3 at Reningers farm market in Kutztown on Saturday morning. A bunch was about 3/4 of a pound.

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There is rhubarb at every farm stand and farmers market and grocery here in Bucks. I dont care for it so I've never lookied at the price, but I will check for you this afternoon.


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Thanks for the tips Ruthanna! I am going to the Allentown Farm Market this week either Thursday night or Friday AM. Normally I go on Saturdays late in the day to get the good deals but I'm taking off work this week to go, to prepare for my barbecue for my students. Kutztown is about a 45 min. drive. I'll have to check out that market when I have more time and strength, I'm still weak from a persistent cough.

Linda I've lived here for 8 years and have walked all around my neighborhood countless times and have never seen rhubarb, (and believe me I spend most of my time on my walks scoping out the plants in people's yards, it's my field), but that doesn't mean it isn't in some gardens out in the suburbs. I live in an urban row house area, vegetable gardeners usually focus on tomatoes and peppers, rhubarb takes up too much space and is somewhat unsightly, or I would plant it in a heartbeat. Some people have bedrooms bigger than my backyard. I'm always torn in my backyard between plants that look nice and smell good to enjoy when I'm sitting out there, and stuff to eat. I don't have enough room for both. This year I got a community garden plot, but planting rhubarb there wouldn't pay off at this point.

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Linda, one of the vendors at our farmers market once told me that she feels sorry for the people that buy rhubarb. She said they mustn't have any friends. Her point being that rhubarb grows in so many gardens that surely someone would give you some.

One of my immediate neighbours has a huge rhubarb garden, but he is a miserable SOB that won't talk to anymore. His rhubarb just goes to waste.

I was going to plant rhubarb, but Clif planted it in his garden for me last year. Can't harvest any this year, but maybe next year.


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