help please: delta or moen kitchen faucets

naldJanuary 27, 2012


I need to make a decision ASAP. My contractor needs to know what faucet I am putting in my kitchen.

I can't decide between the Delta Venetian Bronze pull down faucet or the Oil Rubbed Bronze pull down faucet.

They both have lifetime warranties so that doesn't make it easier.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


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I love my Moen Brantford if that helps. I don't know if Delta has the auto retract feature that the new Moen's have...

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I have a delta oil rubbed bronze faucet in my bathroom and with 6 kids using it on a daiy basis it certainly gets used. I am very happy with the faucet. It has been installed for about 4 years. I really wish I had either gone with the Delta or Moen in my kitchen. Instead I went with a Graff faucet in a finish called olive bronze and the finish is horrible. It hasn't even been installed 2 years and the finish is coming off. And it was more money than the Delta or Moen. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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I went with the Moen Brantford for the auto retract feature as well but I can't comment on it yet since our house isn't completed.

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We have the Delta Addison (2 in the kitchen) & Allora (in the laundry room)faucets & I love them. Easy to pull down, I can spray at any angle in my 10" deep sinks (11" if you include the granite), when you're finished using the pull down part I just raise it up & when it gets close the magnet pulls it in place and locks it there. The Deltas come with a lifetime warranty on the faucet & finish.

When you say the "auto retract" feature on Moen, do you mean the 'Reflex Pulldown System'? It seems pretty similar to the Delta. The only thing about that system I can see that is different is the self docking action. My question would be have you seen it in action? How fast does it snap back into place (what if the water is still running is it going to spray everywhere)? What if you need it to dangle for a moment, does it automatically retract & you have to pull it down again? How important is that feature to you? How often would you really need the convenience of letting go of the faucet in the fully extended position? What happens if someone pulls really hard on it-does the mechanism break and get stuck with it extended(like with my auto retract dog leash)? I also think about my auto retract hairdryer & iron--they both leave alot to be desired in that category. Based on my experience with other auto retract products, I would steer clear and go with the Delta.

Just my $0.02

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The reflex on the moen is great. It definitely retracts but not fast enough to spray water everywhere. You can also leave it hanging if need be. Hope that clarifies.

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It has been a year since we installed the Grohe pull out in our kitchen. We had previously had a Moen that cracked and leaked, then got a Delta that kept unscrewing from the hose and drove me crazy getting my stepson to fix it. When we remodled I chose Grohe because that was what was in the multimillion dollar house another stepson bought. Looked pretty bulletproof to me and so far it is.

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You know, I sell both, but promote the Delta Lehland Pull Down faucet for kitchen remodels over Moen's kitchen faucets. That color is gorgeous, I just remodeled and own that faucet. They have a "magna-tite" catch, the head will not get droopy it goes back in place wonderfully! It feels solid and made with a diamond cartridge, no more seats & springs!

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I vote for Delta, same reasons as above

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I have a Delta in the kitchen, and really like it. The pullout is never always snaps back tight.

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@nald, sorry I can't help you decide since I don't have these models - hope you are happy with the one you choose.
@pwilley21, I've been researching the Brizo models (probably very similar to Delta) and I inquired about the valves (ex: cartridges and discs). I was told that they are plastic outershell, ceramic & Diamond plates for internal parts. I'm wondering how much more reliable the Deltas & Brizos that have this "Diamond Seal Technology" are compared to those that don't have it.

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Brizo is Delta.. same company

I got Delta touch 2o!

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After 5 years our Moen Aberdeen gave out and we had to replace the innards (can't remember exact problem). They sent the replacement parts no problem, but we had to pay a plumber to fix as it was too complicated for us to do it ourselves. Reading online lead us to believe it was a common problem in this faucet. Otherwise it works perfectly for our needs.

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In my current house I have a Moen pull-out and after about 7 years, the button for spray/stream broke. So now when we turn on the faucet it is a mix of spray/stream. It also feels somewhat cheap.

In the new house we have the Delta Leland pulldown at the main and prep sinks. Those finishes are in chrome. Originally we wanted to do bronze, but bronze varies greatly between manufacturers. The bronze that our water filter faucet came in did not match the Delta Venetian Bronze. Chrome is pretty much the same regardless of the manufacturer and MUCH less expensive!

In the powder room we have the Delta Victorian faucet/towel ring/toilet paper holder in the Venetian Bronze and they are very pretty.

We haven't moved in yet so I can't comment on how well they work. But they look great!

Good luck!

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Thanks so much everyone for your input.
It seems that Delta is more of a winner here.
I also looked at Grohe but their bronze is almost black.
They are also a lot more expensive. Not sure if it is worth it.
Anyone ever heard of Rubinet-it is a Canadian Company. They have a really nice looking pullout faucet in various colours.

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Moen is so much better than Delta but you have to buy from a plumbing supply store. Moen's faucets are not the same (cheaply made) when you buy form H.D. or Lowe's, that's why they cost less. I've had the same Moen faucets in my bathrooms for over 15 years. I recently remodeled my bathrooms but wanted to keep my chrome finish Moen faucets and the plumber couldn't believe how easy it was to re-install a 15 year old faucet!!! I put Kohler in the kitchen sink and regretted after finish started to scratch off and I am replacing with a new Moen (Brantford model #7185CSL). Can anyone share information about this new mode.!!! Lot's of luck if you decided on the Delta. I just wanted to clear Moen's name for those that didn't have a positive experience. Maybe you had the "cheaper" versions????????????????

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