Missing the smell of fresh laundry?

caryscottFebruary 16, 2010

When I switched to a front loader I had to change to an HE powder from a regular liquid. I wanted something phosphate free so I switched to Nature Clean Living which is actually manufactured in the Province I live in and is reasonably priced (most grocery chains here stock it). I haven't used dryer sheets for a few years but the Nature Clean Living is fragrance fee and I missed having a bit of fresh laundry smell after the first couple of weeks (might be from the first couple of months I lived here and the dryer exhaust was pushing back through the stove hood because the vent was clogged so I got a lot of laundry smell - I fixed this before putting the new machines in). I looked for something packaged but any fragrance sheets I found were lavender - not for me. I did some google searches and nosed around on here and I decided to try this method: using a few drops of scented oil on a 3"x3" piece of cotton. I used drapery lining which is a bit too flimsy and shreds (a little) so the next batch will be some heavier cotton I have laying around (hopefully then I can re-use the squares - the drapery lining squares curl up and are hard to re-use). I am using a Home Fragrance Oil for the Body Shop called "Line Dried Cotton". Doesn't really stay in your clothes but it smells nice when you open the dryer. I am couple months in and I would say the little bottle should last me at least 4 months (I do about 3 loads a week in an apartment sized pair). At some point I'll add another scent but all in all I would say this was a fairly effective, healthy and economical solution. Read some concerns about transfer from the oil but I haven't had any problems - I just throw the square with about 8 drops of the oil on it in on top of the laundry and start the dryer.

I am open to suggestions if someone is doing something different that is working for them. Thanks.

My Dollarama storage container to store them:

Cotton squares (my Mom sews so she did these with the pinking shears for me):

Line Dried Cotton Home Fragrance Oil from the Body Shop:

Here is a link that might be useful: Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

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This seems absolutely brilliant to me. Bravo! What a great idea. Seriously, sometimes the simplest things are the most effective and easiest to implement.

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After I stopped using softener, I used lemongrass scent-among my favorites, plus other oils too. I had it diluted w/water in small spray bottle, sprayed washcloth and put it in dryer w/my laundry. I also like cherry blossom spray on the laundry too. I spray some of my clothes w/ my EDT before I fold them and put hem in closets. I do the same for my BF. Linen sprays work good for me too. I buy them in TJ MAXX and just spray it on when folding or ironing.
Now I got bounce dryer bar inside the dryer and it works very well without any buildup.

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Last night I put some lemon essential oil on a wet washcloth and threw it into the dryer. I don't use fabric softener. My clothes always come out soft thanks to the Miele, but last night they came out soft and filled with the uplifting scent of lemon and citrus. This appears to be the perfect solution for adding some natural scent back into your laundered items.

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This is a great idea and one I have been wishing for.

No one has had problems with the oil transfering to clothing?

How long does the fragrance stay with the clean clothing?

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I put my washcloth/essential oil combo into the dryer on NO HEAT setting for 15 minutes. The clothes come out smelling heavenly and the scent only lasts but a day or two. It's perfect - I hate lingering smells.

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Another good way to have deliciously fresh-smelling laundry is to hang it outside to dry. But of course that's not possible in some locales this time of year.

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