Ventless Stackable washer/dryer?

pajamanycFebruary 10, 2010

It appears that there are only a few makers of stackable washer dryers with ventless dryers - Bosch and LG? I've read some reviews about the Bosch, which most people seem to like, but what about the LG? Anyone have any experience with the LG?

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The one that runs circles of any of these brands is Miele. The dryer dries with the lowest amount of humidity output for the unit. Overall it does a great job with all the other features/quality this company normally offers.

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Thanks, cyberspacer. I hadn't heard about the Miele. But I love the Miele vaccuum cleaner we have, which I feel is made better than any other appliance we own. So I will certainly look into the Miele washer and ventless dryers. Appreciate your feedback.

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Thor is another one and I think they still make them in 220.

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Asko also makes ventless stackable dryers, at least in their compact line. The T712 dryer can be purchased vented or ventless. They may have larger dryers that way also.

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I recently purchased a 3.6 CF washer dryer combo from LG. It is ventless and works really well. Before I got it I had a Whirlpool Duet, it was perfect for what I needed at the time, mainly because of it's size. The LG is much larger, it runs quietly, and can handle a pretty fair amount of laundry at one time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Stackable Washer Dryer

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I think GE has one too.

Spanish manufactuer Fagor sells a ventless dryer and a decent-capacity 240v washer.

If the LG 24" combination washer/dryer can have an LG ventless dryer stacked on it, that would be a convenient setup - you can have the washer do the whole job when you have smaller laundry loads, and need to use the separate dryer only when you have lots of clothes and not much time.

Otherwise, I'd go with Bosch for its good capacity and fast water heating thanks to its 240 volt power supply (the washer plugs into an outlet on the dryer, and the dryer plugs into the 240V wall outlet and powers both machines). Asko worth a look too. Miele is best quality but expensive and the washer is 120v so it will be slower.

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