Condensation dripping out the air INLET pipe

davehoJuly 26, 2011

I had a new condensing gas furnace & central A/C installed last fall. The furnace/evaporator are located in my basement. Lately, it's been very hot & humid in my area. The other day I noticed a small puddle of water by the furnace. Near as I can tell the the hot humid air from outside is condensing in the air inlet pipe & running back to the furnace.

Due to this pipe running perpendicular to the floor joists & existing my basement via the rim joist it is not possible to slope it toward the outside. I could plug the pipe at the outdoor exit point, but I really would like to avoid a "solution" which would render the furnace inoperable should I forget to remove the plug prior to the heating season. Currently most of the water is running out of the pipe where it meets the collar on the furnace & not actually going inside. My initial thought is to put a drip leg somewhere on the intake pipe to catch the condensation. Can anyone offer up a better solution?

The install is currently under warranty & I should probably make this the installer's problem, but I thought I'd get some opinions first.



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How about a damper, similar to a dryer vent except it opens toward the inside when there is an air draw. Otherwise I would suggest a T in the run which will capture the condensate and you can control where it goes.

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If you do the 'T' route, I'd recommend that a trap be installed in the condensate run. My furnace manufacturer (Rheem) specifies this.


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Great point!!!

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