BOSCH closing its laundry division

canbonbonFebruary 20, 2011

It is sad to hear that BOSCH will shut down all of its 27" (std. US size) Laundry machines (washers and dryers) by the end of this year. They are getting out of Laundry machine business. We are in the market to purchase a new washer and dryer but found this out today. I guess, we will now start looking at Electrolux and LG. Miele is out because they don't make anything about 4.0 cubic feet. Here is more info on BOSCH lines closure:

If you have any other information about this news, please feel free to share with the rest of us.

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I posted this information after reading it on another post late January. You can see link to read it if interested.

I just received the Miele W4842/T9822 set last week and I am thoroughly enjoying them.

I'm not sure what you have to wash - I too was concerned about the 4.0 cu ft capacity but it holds a lot.

I did MONTHS of research and would not purchase an Electrolux based on my research.

I also found the Bosch machines to be lacking in build quality that even the LGs seem to have.

I did narrow my search down to LG and Miele and I am REALLY happy I went with the Miele. Until you actually own one you cannot appreciate how they are made and how they work.

Everything is so clean. Whites are so white. My tea towels (approx 25) came out with only two small stains remaining (that was on extra white, extended, sensitive).

Good luck ... it was a hard road deciding for me but I've finally made it and I'm really happy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch to terminate 27 inch laundry

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I gave the Electrolux Wave Touch set the benefit of the doubt. I even liked them A LOT in the beginning, but after using them for a few months...I learned that they are not built well, they do not clean very well, the push to open doors are a nuisance & feel very cheap & super fragile..and in general are just not very good.

I even tried Samsung for a few months. While the W48xx Miele and T98xx are not perfect, they are pretty close to it! I have removed stains using my Mieles, that no one thinks I can get out. The dryer leaves things SO fluffy, soft and virtually wrinkle free. Seriously, I do not even iron once every 2 months. Miele is the absolute best!!!

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I've had Electrolux for 2 years. Not a problem one. I love the super capacity! Cleaning isn't an issue either. I give my set a double thumbs up!!

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Well, I ordered a set of Bosch 27" right before this announcement came out. I've had them now a few weeks and absolutely love them! They clean very well, they use enough water (I've been using FL for a long time), given the fact that the amount machines are using keeps decreasing. I haven't even had to use the xtra rinse function. And I'm really not all that concerned about the division closing. Here is why, first I've had a Bosch DW for 7 years or so w/no issues, best DW I've ever owned. My last set of FL's were Danby's. I bought them and they too then closed up on doing laundry machines. The only reason I purchased new after 7 years is because I needed a larger size. They were 1.6cf and I was doing way to many loads of laundry. The heater was going, but I love those little machines. They are currently sitting in my garage because I can't bear to part with them.

So if I had that good of luck with those, I expect the same from these Bosch's.

The only thing I can say, is look out Miele people in 15 years when I need my next set. If I go with those, they may quit selling them here in the US, given my track record. LOL

If you can get the Bosch set, I would not be afraid to buy them.

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They will continue selling the 24"w machines in the US and even will try to boost their sales. The newer-design Bosch 24"w washers actually have larger capacity than a typical 27" top-load washer from 15 years ago. For now though, 24"w laundry is a niche market in North America. Maybe Bosch can change that. I like that they've stuck with washer/dryer sets that plug into a single 240V/30A outlet, allowing a fast-heating 2500 watt heating element in the washer. The dryer makes up for its smaller size by reversing direction occasionally.

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Lee676, is the reverse cycle new or is it a particular model? Several reviews on AJ Madison (link below) complain that at least this particular Axxis model doesn't have reverse.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews of Axxis WTV76100US

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I stand corrected - older, smaller-capacity Bosch condensation dryers did tumble in both directions but evidently the new ones don't.

There are still some condensation dryers available that do. The one linked to below claims even larger capacity (8kg, 18lbs, 2 cu.ft., or 32 gallons), reverses direction, has a large 180-degree door opening, and offers a choice of sending extracted water down the drain (if available) or into a removable tray (if no drain is nearby). It has a tray-full indicator if you go the latter route, as well as a clean-the-filter indicator. It lacks the Bosch's window in the door, which is nice but not essential. White and silver colors are available. I've never seen one in person, but it looks nice online.

The same manufacturer is notable for offering a combination washer/dryer (which also uses condensation drying) that runs on 220V power, which speeds up both water heating in the wash cycle and drying time compared to the 110v washer/dryers that LG and other companies sell. It can wash and dry a 9 lb. load in an hour on its normal setting.

I know Asko offered reverse-tumble ventless dryers for years, think they still do; likewise Miele. You can check their websites and see what they're offering now.

I don't think anyone makes a 27"w condensation dryer anymore. Frigidaire used to sell one called the Filtrator; there is so much pent-up demand for these that decades-old used ones sell for new-dryer prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fagor-Brandt condensation dryer

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Here's another interesting option for a ventless dryer I haven't seen discussed here. It's a 24"w, fairly small capacity dryer (only 17 1/2" depth, it's rated at 9 lbs., or just less than the capacity of the smallest 24"w front-load washers) that runs on 120V/15A power, and is quite inexpensive. I don't think it's a condensation dryer; rather, it simply filters the lint from the air and exhausts moist air into the room. I have an old General Electric dryer that works like this, and I must say it does a great job, and it doesn't get all that hot or humid nearby by dint of its small size and low power. The effect can actually be quite nice in the cold, dry winters we get around here. Unlike mine (which is about 40 year old), this one has auto shutoff as well as a you-guess-the-time option, and a window in the door that makes it easy to see when it's done, as well as if it's overloaded. There's no condensation filter to clean, no water tray to empty, no hose to drain. All you really need to do is clean out the lint filter between loads. I wouldn't put it where humidity or heat would be a major problem, but I'm baffled as to why these aren't more popular than they are. The only issue I've had with them is that some lint escapes the filter and the area in front of the dryer needs vacuuming more often than usual. This type of dryer is best paired with a small front-load washer with a high spin speed for maximum water extraction, perhaps one of the 2000rpm Askos but anything 1200rpm or higher should work adequately.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avanti Ventless 120V Dryer

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I also found the Bosch machines to be lacking in build quality that even the LGs seem to have.


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