Does anyone use Shaklee Basic H2 cleaner?

msroseOctober 20, 2011

I was watching an Oprah rerun recently and her and Dr Oz were talking about some of their favorite things. They mentioned how much they love Basic H2. They didn't say it was a Shaklee product, but that's what I came up with when I googled it. I'm curious to know if it's really a good cleaner or if it's just the idea that it's a nontoxic cleaner.

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You're correct, it's Shaklee. I have it and use it mainly for my sink and counters so it's never been against anything real crazy. I also have the all purpose cleaner from Seventh Generation but I don't notice any difference in products.

I'm not a germ freak but depending on what I'm dealing with, I find myself wondering if the nontoxic cleaners really get the job done.

I hope others will chime in about it.

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It's a good cleaner. I used to use it--back when I had a friend who was selling Shaklee. I liked their laundry soap as well. She moved away. Now I use Charlie's Soap as Laundry soap--and Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner (Basil scent) in varying strengths for counters/floors. Soap and water get things clean. "Antibacterial" stuff generally isn't necessary. When it is (illness in the house) I'll spritz hard surfaces with lysol. Oh--and I use soft-scrub with bleach on toilets/bathtubs/sinks--anything that needs a little extra whitening.

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Shee - I have the same question about whether nontoxic cleans as well.

Msjee - It's funny you mentioned Mrs. Meyers. I was buying some Tide today and saw Mrs. Meyers (I think that's what it was) a couple of shelves up. I thought about it for a second, but then went with the Tide because it was cheaper. The thing about Basic H2 is it looks like it would actually be cheaper than my normal cleaners since you buy it in the concentrated form.

Does Basic H2 have a fragrance to it? I know it doesn't have to smell good to clean good, but there's just something about the fragrance sometimes that makes you feel like things are really clean.

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It is a great all-purpose cleaner. I have used it for years on countertops,fridge,sinks, and tubs. Because you mix your own spray bottle from concentrate, it also lasts for years. For areas where you are concerned more about antibacterial properties, like toilets, they have Basic G. They are both great cleaners and by using them, you avoid all the fumes, etc. of some of the other cleaners.

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I have used the Shaklee products since the '90s. One quart bottle of Basic H2 makes more than 5,000 bottles of window cleaner. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Basic G is non-chlorine based disinfectant and is also concentrated. Neither have an added fragrance. They also have a non-toxic line of laundry and kitchen cleaners.

If you're interested to listen to a free health talk to learn more let me know.

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And that's the problem with products from the multi-level marketing companies like Shaklee and Amway. You cannot trust the product endorsements.

I had a very close family member who raved about the Amway vitamins. She claimed they cured a bald spot on her husband's head. But once she stopped selling Amway, she stopped using the products.

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I'm just trying to picture Oprah cleaning her own bathroom.

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