How much space is *behind* your front loader?

lightlystarchedFebruary 15, 2011

I would like to replace my current top loader washer and dryer with a front loader. My current machines are about 25" deep, but are about 6 inches away from the back wall. The space I have to work with is 34x72, and I'd like to not have the washer and dryer protrude beyond 34". Do front loaders sit farther back? How can you find out how much clearance a particular machine needs behind it?

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Actually, it looks like the reason my washer and dryer are pulled forward, is to allow space behind the dryer for the vent stuff. The dryer vent is straight through the wall to the outdoors, so I'm not sure why there is a big loop of dryer vent back there.

I have spent hours today trying to figure out which models of washers and dryers to look at, and I can't seem to get past this hurdle of how big/small a machine I need to buy to fit my space.

Somebody please help me.

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Unless the vent connection on back of the dryer aligns precisely with the opening in the wall (which rarely is that the case), there must be sufficient ducting length to allow working space behind the machine to make the connections. That being said, the ideal is a straight shot, with NO loop of duct. I have mine arranged so the length of duct is compressed on itself so as to avoid having a loop. The dryer is at angle because the exhaust opening in the wall is set too far to the left. Positioning the dryer square to the wall cuts a sharp offset on the duct which restrict airflow so much that the dryer's overheat protector triggers.

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Word of warning if you are using manufacturers dimensions on the washers and dryers being considered. Some manufacturers don't include the chrome ring around the doors in the depth, so while the washer specifications say it's around 30 inches deep, it can really be closer to 32. I would recommend taking a tape measure to the appliance store to make sure you know what you are getting in a tight space.

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Thanks. I went looking at washers today and I think what I'm going to do is vent out of the side of the dryer to the back wall. I have more space to play with left to right than back to front.

I am thinking about buying the Maytag 2000 series.

So how hard is it to change the venting from the back to the side?

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