breaker tripping on AC. Why??

jaansuJuly 4, 2011

Our ~15 yr old compressor unit for no apparent reason, tripped the breaker a month ago. Last night, it did it again. In the 8 years we have been here, this is the first times it has done so.

Is this a warning of something degrading in the compressor? Or could it be a degrading breaker instead? I was wondering if anyone had noticed a similar pattern and what it meant. I realize the AC unit may well be near the end of its run but wouldn't want to replace it until I was sure. At which time I probably would swap out the original furnace (20 yr) as well for a high efficiency unit all around.

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I would start by replacing the breaker first.... making sure it is of the correct size. There is a data tag on the side of your outdoor unit that states the minimum and maximum amperage rating and you can make your selection off that. Also make sure the wire from that breaker to the unit is sized correctly. If the unit still trips the breaker after replacing it, then you might be having an issue with the unit itself... a skinned wire... something grounding out... in which case i would seek help from a qualified a/c tech.

Hope this helps

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Does your area experience brown outs or instances where the power momentarily goes out or during electrical storms? That will surely do it. I'd start as fluffy recommended since you don't know how many times that breaker has tripped before you got there.

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