My New LG Steam Washer and Dryer

cheryl444February 12, 2012

Just got a snazzy new LG washer and dryer set. So far I'm pretty happy with them, but the dryer seems to take forever to dry a load--3 hours on the highest temperature setting. I've seen the same complaint on other forums. Is there anything I can do about it? Or is this just how it's made? Or are all HE front load dryers like this?

Thanks all,


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Usual causes are obstructed dryer vent or compromised heating element. In my experience its almost always the vent but you'll need to check both.

Are the clothes in there "on the highest temperature" actually getting hot?

"HE" dryers are the same as older dryers. They heat air and blow it through the drum....just like they always have. However ALL of them must have heat and must have free inflow and outflow of air to do their job.

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We bought on Boxing Day the LG WM5330 washer and dryer, the dryer takes less than 40 minutes with a full load of darks to dry.

We're liking ours quite a bit and I don't really get excited about laundry.

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There is something wrong with your dryer or vent. Dryers haven't changed much (if at all) just washers. No way should it be taking 3 hours to dry.

You didn't say but assume you have a FL LG (although same comment would apply to HE TL)? The higher spin speeds of the washer should also be helping to reduce time in the dryer not extend it.

My parents got a new LG FL set last year (only top loaders before that) and my mom can't believe how much shorter dry times are (all thanks to the high spin RPM of the FL).

Let us know what you find out.

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There are HE dryers in Europe that use up to 60% less energy than traditional units but these are not available in the US. Your HE dryers may dry clothes with more air and less heat so save energy. Some cycles may also dry clothes slightly less dry compared to the previous Dry setting.

Ditto on the clogged vent suggestion. Might also be an installation issue like incorrectly connected power wires if it's an electric dryer.


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Mine seems to take longer if I don't use the timed dryer. Try taking it off the moisture sensor which is the default setting on most of them

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3 hours to dry is nuts.

it's new, so call LG to schedule an appointment.

in the meantime, turn on the dryer on a timed cycle, high heat and check the outlet temperature. it should be HOT and there should be a lot of air flow.

My dryer takes roughly 20-40 minutes to fully dry most loads. Even a heavy quilt takes less than an hour.

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Definitely definitely check the entire run of the vent! It could the the dryer, but most likely the vent.

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Oh my gosh, you guys have been so helpful! By the way, the 9-yr-old Frigidaire dryer I replaced was working fine. If I opened the door halfway through the cycle I could feel the air was hot and moist. And I could see steam pouring out the outside vent on a cold day.

The new fancy LG dryer. . . I'd open the door after 20 minutes of drying and the clothes felt damp and cold. They would finally get dry, but not until after 2 or 3 hours of drying on the highest temperature setting. (Granted, the loads I'm drying now are bigger, since the washer--and I thought dryer--can take it.)

I took your advice and called LG customer service. They're sending a tech out on Friday, at their expense.

Thanks again for all your input! This forum rocks.


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"....after 20 minutes of drying and the clothes felt damp and cold."

Well, I'd call that a clue. Have little doubt LG service will have it corrected quickly.

"...the loads I'm drying now are bigger, since the washer--and I thought dryer--can take it."

Yes, they can. Once the tech has that dryer set right, I think you'll be very satisfied with the performance.

Just one caveat.....don't neglect to check that dryer vent once in while regardless of this particular event.. Making sure it's clear and free-flowing should be part of regular maintenance. (I do mine once a year.) If fixing the machine involves moving it away from the connection, I'd certainly take the opportunity to check and verify. Even partially obstructed vents lower efficiency and cost you more. Seriously obstructed ones are dangerous.

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Our new LG dryer dries everything incredibly quick.
We have put small loads in it and have it sound the little end tune in like 10 minutes or less and the clothes coming out are perfectly dry. Occasionally on a larger load a single sock or something will be not quite dry but overall the sensor works great.

I don't think we have had any load go more than about 45 minutes or so at the most.
Part of that is the LG washer has a 1100rpm spin which gets the clothes pretty rung out before we put them in the dryer.

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Cheryl, I'm glad you made an appt. for a tech to fix your dryer!

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You guys are awesome. Just had someone over today to clean out my looooong dryer vent tube and now everything's working fine. Thank you all for your advice! Love this forum.

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Thanks for the feedback. We don't get enough of that. Glad you're working good again.

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Yeah @cheryl444!! Good for you - glad it's all working as it should. Happy laundering :)

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