washer bearing replacement

fruity123February 2, 2014

We bought a washer from Sansung last year with a faulty bearing. we called Samsung and they refused to fix it saying that we used the wrong soap which we didn't. So now I'm looking to buy the bearing sets and fix it myself. The only problem is that I couldn't find the bearings for my model(wf405atpasu). Are there any bearings from other models and brands that will fit my machine?

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You apparently bought this machine used?

A parts source I checked indicates Samsung does not offer the bearings as separate items ... presumably only included with replacement of the outer tub.

However, the outer tub (front half, or rear half with bearings) are both tagged as no longer available.

So unless you can find a parts source that has new-old-stock on-hand, the best you can likely do is disassemble the machine, pull the old bearings and take them to a bearing supplier for matching.

The bearing seal inside the tub is still listed as available but that's best considered a "maybe" until you confirm someone has it.

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I bought this machine brand new from future shop. Anyways, is it possible to match a bearing from another brand to this one?

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That may be possible but washer part numbers are unique to each brand and are generally otherwise meaningless. If someone, somewhere, knows that "Brand X" uses the same bearings as your Samsung model then you're good-to-go. Otherwise, not so much.

There should be ID numbers embossed on the bearings if Samsung uses bearing industry-standard items. Match those numbers at a bearing supplier. You'll have to measure them with calipers to get the various dimensions (outer diameter, inner diameter, width, etc.) to match the size if no ID numbers are provided.

The other trick is matching the tub/bearing seal if it does end up being NLA from Samsung. Those sometimes are not standard, sourced from a private supplier to-specs by the washer manufacturer. A 'close match' that works can be found in some cases.

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IMHO the best bearing brands are SKF, but pricey. Next best are NSK.

Good luck

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Why on earth are you not fighting Samsung? If your machine is still under warranty you should be raising cain. What did they mean you used the wrong soap? Do they think you used a dishwashing detergent or perhaps a non-HE soap?

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Bearings are standard. You have several options - take your bearing to your local industrial supplier (Grainger, Fasternal) and they'll match it up for you, sometimes hardware stores or NAPA/Carquest can do that too. Another option - lookup manufacturer markings on the bearing and search for replacement online. Third option
(not recommended) - measure internal diameter, external diameter and width and search by dimensions.

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