HOT weather coming. Is this a good idea?

cindywhitallJuly 5, 2012

Forecast here is more hot hot weather, 96, 96, 102 for the next 3 days. What's the best idea to help my old ac not break down?

Should I start today with setting my hose to lightly mist on the unit outside? It was suggested to me last year when we had several days over 100 and I thought it was broken since house was 78 despite it running and running.

Wish I'd already gotten my new 15 or 16 seer to replace this old 10 seer!

If hose mist is a good idea, at what temp is it recommended to start doing?

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Sorry to say this, but my recommendation is that you stop obsessing about so many issues in your world. If your recent posts are any indication, you seem to jump from worrying about one thing to another and then you get lost in the fine print. Get out of the details and look at the big picture view of things.

If you want your AC to not break down, don't turn it on. If it does break down, you need to replace it. Simple as that.

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Amen to the previous post. This homeowner is very conflicted about her HVAC many threads thus far?

As to question, there is very little the average homeowner can do other than to have routine PM service by a qualified dealer. Make certain filters are kept clean. If you have any shrubbery around outside condenser make certain it is cut back. An absolute waste of time and effort regarding misting idea.

Sorry to be so blunt. Surprised someone else has not said worse.


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she wants to mist the condenser? does the fan like a water spray?

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Theoretically I believe that will help provided if you can keep the whole area cool all the time (which is not easy).

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Yes, I've obsessed about my hvac project. I don't like the idea that the contractors see a big rebate out there and view it as an opportunity to pad their prices. I don't object to paying for the time they spend on paperwork, but charging me a couple thousand more than any neighbor has paid outside the program makes me wonder if it's worth it. Maybe I'll wait till it breaks and not do the other things. i don't have the extra $$ to just throw away on a program that is not really saving me $$ (on the purchase, I do believe in the energy savings).

THIS thread has nothing to do with that. Last year the system struggled and I was ADVISED to mist it, to cool the air slightly before it enters the unit. I don't enjoy running the a/c around the clock to only get it down to 76-78 in the house. I don't think it is good for it to run so much...who knows if it has 2 months left or 3 years?

I was looking for TIPS, such as if misting it is actually useful. IS it better to turn it off when I leave the house to give it a break, or let it run....Should I get it as cool as I can in the morning and sort of "save" the coolness for later?? That type of thing.

I really do appreciate the advice and I'm listening. I'm taking a break of the project because it's so darn hot there is plenty of other business the hvac guys need to do, so I'll leave it go until it cools down.

I start new threads because the old ones drop down so far I'm afraid nobody will notice when I update it, or if i have an equip specific question as opposed to a whole project question.

Like i said, I appreciate the advice on my hvac system project. I don't appreciate those who are discounting THIS question...which really has nothing to do with the other and I thought might be useful for others struggling with the heat. Maybe in some parts of the country there is ac designed to get it down from 100 degrees outside to 72 inside...but my system apparently doesn't like to do that. (designed for 20 degree difference)

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As clearly as possibly can be sais, do not waste your time "misting" your unit.

When you "update" a thread, you cause it to be moved up.

Don't waste your time and that of others by starting new threads for related concerns.

I trust you understand that. ;-(

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As others have stated, there is not much you can do to prolong the life of your AC other than regular maintenance.

I have stated in earlier posts that somebody has to pay for the NJ Clean Energy rebates and free financing. Most of the money is going to come out of the homeowner's pocket. I agree with you it is not an attactive deal. You are better off waiting until September 1 and getting a quote for a furnace and AC system.

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Your AC is not designed for only 20 degree difference, if it works properly, you should see 60s no matter what the temperature outside, even it gets to 180 (provide you have good insulation in your house). misty works in theroy, a professor in California did some research a couple of years ago on misty AC condenser, and get very good result. He cut the energy usage by 30%. but he did in a controlled environment, in his lab another word, regular home owner simply can not do that, but theory is theory, physics will never change. IN fact, there are commercial misty kit for sale just for this purpose, work or not I don't know, but This whole subject was discussed and debated on another AC FORUM
for quite some time about 2 years ago. Your question is a good question. Don't you know, all the newer window ACs are already using the misty theroy/device today ??

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Don't you know, all the newer window ACs are already using the misty theroy/device today ?? Nothing new about that. The technique (throwing water collected from the evaporator onto the condenser) was used on window units far back as the 1960s, if not earlier.

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The misting thing works in a lab with mineral free water that does not cause buildup on the fins. When you are misting in the real world the water flow is so tiny that what is in the hose will reach temps that are well over the ambient temp outside if any of the hose is in the sun which will basically only make it evaporate and deposit any minerals on the fins when it comes in contact with the hot fins. I wouldn't recommend anything more than washing any cobwebs and other buildup off of and out of the fins periodically.

In theory it is an awesome idea. In reality it is a good way to cause headaches.

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