I hate my LG Washer

armjimFebruary 14, 2014

Just came here to vent my frustration. I had the audacity to wash a set of sheets and about 10 bath towels, and the washer took about 20 minutes to settle into the final spin. That included me redistributing the load several times. Rediculous. This has happened to me countless times with this machine which I have owned for 3 years. My previous FL probably did that 3 times in 10 years. The fact that I can not get a true hot wash from the thing makes me rue the day I bought this washer. I am not a big fan of the matching LG dryer either.

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Sheets and bath towels generally don't work well together, there's too much disparity in the fabric weight which leads to balancing troubles. Your previous machine apparently was more accepting of a less-than-perfect balance condition (lower maximum spin speed, perhaps?).

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Have you checked to make certain the machine's feet are bearing equally or nearly-equally on the floor? If they aren't, the machine's suspension can't do what it's supposed to and your frequency of out-of-balance condition will increase.

I haven't yet encountered a modern FL with this complaint that wasn't made right by doing a dynamic balance. That is, wait for the machine to spin up under load and tweak one of the front feet. Doesn't take much adjustment to make a huge difference but must be done in-operation while spinning under load. Once done, it will stay that way.

Frankly, unless/until you're certain of this, blaming the machine is premature. I haven't yet encountered any installer that hangs around long enough to do this. However, it isn't hard to do and no machine will operate as intended unless those feet can bear properly.

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I agree that the install might need tweaking. Our new LG front loader seems to work fine no matter what the load. Haven't had any issues with balance or water heat.

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