which gas furnace is best

gilly-2006July 17, 2006

Trying to decide which new gas furnace and air conditioner to buy. Want to purchase a 2 stage variable speed furnace for a 4 level multi level home. Stuck between Trane, Carrier and York. Anyone have any comments as to which is better and whether to get R22 or R410 as refrigerant. Everyone gives me a different answer. Prices are around $7,500 to $8,000. Live in PA. Does that seem high?????

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This is a single system for your multilevel home? Of the three manufacturers mentioned, I like York the least unless you are looking at their new modulating furnace just being introduced.

I would be looking at Carrier's Infinity dual fuel system(heat pump paired with var speed gas furnace) and you might consider Carrier's zone controls for your multilevel home.

Prices vary between markets and without knowing more about the HVAC equipment being quoted really can't comment. Do quotes include a whole house air filter media cabinet?

My opinion.

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Hello Tigerdunes,
Thanks for responding. I am looking at the new York modulating system. Have a quote for $8,195 for furnace, ac, air cleaner, humidifier, and a few duct changes. I live near Pittsburgh, PA to give you a frame of reference for location. I had a Carrier estimate for $7,129 + $2,900 for the zoning system - OUCH. I am also considering a Trane system for $8,174. Can't believe these prices but I have had over 10 estimates and everyone seems to come in around $8,000. I am confused about the differences in opinions. York wants to put an 80,000 BTU unit with 2 1/2 ton air conditioner. Trane wants a 100,000 BTU unit with 3 1/2 ton air conditioner. Carrier wants 80,000 BTU unit with 3 ton air. No one is giving me the same thing as far as size. York says Trane is putting too big of a system in the house. I don't know who to believe. Can you help again? Which one would you buy???

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Is this an existing house? What do you have now? Are you happy with it's performance? It seems like you do not have air conditioning now. Is that correct?
Don't worry about R22 or R410. R22 will be available for the life of your system and longer.

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Hello funnycide,
Yes this is an existing house 45-50 year old multilevel. I currently have a York furnace and ac. They have performed okay I guess. Have only been in this house for 4 years. Have variation in degrees on bedroom floor but that is probably normal due to all the levels and the age of the units. Who do you like - Trane, Carrier or York. ha, ha.

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We have a 2400 square foot house in the Palos Verdes Peninsula area of Southern California with a Carrier furnace but no air conditioning. In 1998 we had an estimate done for adding AC and the amount was around $5,000. We have now had estimates from Carrier dealers and one Trane dealer in 2006 and the estimates are around $12,500 for a Carrier Infinity 17 System with Carrier 96 Gas Furnace including full ducting and register replacement and around $12,500 for a full Trane system with the Trane XL14i Compressor/Condensor and a Trane XL90 Gas Furnace along with register replacement but no ducting replacement.

The 2006 costs are far higher than in years past. We realize the 13 SEER changeover took place on 01/23/2006 to mandate 13 SEER as the minimum and this raised the costs and also both the Carrier and Trane systems are R410A (Puron) versus R22 (Freon) since the R22 units are being mandatorily discontinued as of 2010. Are these the key factors in the vast increase in pricing in 2006? Other posts indicate much higher prices in other areas of the country also such as PA at this time.

By the way Sears also quoted on a merely midrange Carrier system (they are an authorized Carrier dealer) and came out with a quote of $18,600 which was beyond ludicrous for the midpoint Carrier Perforance equipment (14 SEER AC) and 80% Carrier Performance gas furnace. We figured Sears would be high, but they were more than 50% higher than the standard Carrier dealer, not even taking into account the much lesser equipment they proposed installing.

We are now trying to decide between installing the Trane system or the Carrier Infinity 17 / 96 system at the high cost of $12,000 to $12,500. Both dealers appear thoroughly competent with the Trane dealer (P&M Mechical) having the edge in knowledge. We realize that installing is a key - if not the key factor - in obtaining optimal system quality and performance.

Does anyone have any thoughts on which would be the better system? Should we look at alternative systems from Lennox, Rheem, Goodman, or others which may be less to substantially less expensive? Our research indicates that Carrier and Trane are the best with Trane possibly being more reliable, but we're still not sure the best way to go. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

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It is more important to get a good installer than brand of equip I have found out. I called a HVAC distributor/wholesaler in my town and got a name of the guy they trust and respect that they work with, and did their houses. He did a great job and used middle of the line equip and was fair on pricing. Comfortable in Wisconsin.

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Four story home. Go for the zoning!

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The York Mod furnace uses complex logic, based on previous heat cycles and the time of the cycle to determine how much heat to put out, not sure if it's logic would work well with zoning or not. Carrier Infinity with zoning will do excellent, I have a Carrier Infinity System, and I love it, has the best controller in the market, IMHO.

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Look at this webpage and you have all information.
Do not forget cost of the best furnace + AC unit is not moare than $2000. Heating contractors may ask more than $6000 for a twodays (8 to 18hrs) labor just because you do not know the basics of HVAC or scared to touch it (DIY)! If you know some private contractor/handyman (plus you) then do some home work and get it installed at half the cost! Most of the installed operations are not too complex! Do not believe every thing what your so called HVAC expert says!

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I fear that contractors are buying furnaces at low cost and the over charging consumers for them. I've had Sears and some private contractors give me estimates for a new furnace. The prices are in the area for $8,000 or above; some in the area of $5,000. My ductwork appears simple. I also want a humidifier and an electrostatic filter and a two-speed furnace.

When we talk about these things - I feel that the injection of the wholesale prices for any equipment or a figure in the ballpark gives the consumer a base to understand what they are being charged for. I happen to believe that the labor/installation cost is more accurate but the equipment prices is the gray area that we are being stuck at. Washington DC/Metropolitan Area.

I need 125,000 BTUs for the furnace. I feel that the furnace may cost about $1,000 to $1500. I prefer Carrier, Rheem, Trane and possibly a Sears (Kenmore). My real concern is that most contractors trying to get my business - keep adjusting their prices to make it appear more affordable to me. If they are marking up the furnace by a $1,000 dollars or more, then I believe that they are ripping me off. I need to know the wholesaler to contractor prices for units to determine a clear bargaining price.

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Just check EBAY for new furnace for reference! IN DC area you may need about 35BTU/sf capacity i.e for 2000sf house you need about 70K BTU furnace. I am in upstate NY and for 1900SF home I installed 70K GOODMAN 2stage-variable speed furnace. It hardly goes to second stage i.e. with 46K (first stage) capacity, it can maintain 68F in real cold night!
I found new GOODMAN furnaces are reasonably good but if I have more spare money then I may buy Carrier from EBAY dealer!!!

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We got a quote for a Payne (Carrier) PG9M-80 92% efficient gas furnace paired with a Payne PA13J-030 2.5 ton central air system for $3990, humidifier $250 more. Is this way out of line? This is from a reputable company who has serviced our current furnace for the past 20+ years. They have always come out when we needed them, once in the middle of the night. Thanks.

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Got a quote of $10,000 for a Trane V90 Furnace, 110 BTUs and 16 Seer AC-taxes included. Is this a good quote for DC. Vents are already in place.

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I have a Comfortmaker gas furnace. Problem I am having is the unit will not ignite and run until I take off the cover in front of the burners. Then it runs the whole cycle w/o any issues. Has anyone experienced this before and if so can you help?


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If u are on a fix or set amount of money goodman is the system for u . Check it out.

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we are having a house build in Addison NY and got an estimate for 10,699 for heat ac and all duct work for a trane system i would like to know how much the system cost by itself without labor HELP

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