Oxyclean in a front loader.

cj47_gwFebruary 27, 2012

The new front loader will be arriving tomorrow morning, and I'm thinking about the new way I'll be doing laundry. I have some liquid Tide Free and Gentle HE on hand, because we've used that for years. I'll use that up and see how we like it in the new machine before I consider something else. I also throw a scoop of Oxyclean into the wash with towels and whites. In my 18 year old top loader, this consists of starting the water running and tossing in my cleaning products, followed by the laundry. The front loader, however, has a dispenser--and I'm not quite sure how to get both the liquid Tide and the powdered Oxyclean into the wash without making a mess. What do you guys do? The manual is no help, it only says not to mix powder with liquid in the "main wash" compartment. No kidding.

BTW, the unit is the Electrolux Wave touch.



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I use to put the oxyclean right in the drum before I added my clothes when I need to with the frontloader. Although now I use mainly powder so I just put the oxyclean in right with the powder detergent.

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I've had trouble with too many suds when I add oxyclean. It is only 50% -60% percarbonate and the rest washing soda. I think that is the reason.
I switched to ecover which is 100% percarbonate and I don't have that problem.
I just add it in the top in the same place I put the detergent.

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Chloe45, do you use liquid detergent?
I've read about Ecover being better because it's 100% percarbonate, but I'd thought I'd finish up the Oxyclean I had on hand first. Perhaps I won't be able to use it after all. In any case, the problem I'm having is that the detergent is liquid and the percarbonate is powder, and I'm not quite sure about the right way to get both into the tub. Jewels04, I've read that putting it into the tub can cause damage to the fabrics because it's not dissolved--it causes little spots. However, if you're doing it without a problem, perhaps that's not always the case. I guess I may need to experiment.

LOL, and so begins the learning curve!


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I never heard that but I think oxyclean says you can put it right in with the clothes, which is why I did. We use mainly powder now so just put the oxyclean with the powder detergent. I use the generic oxyclean, called SUN I believe. I haven't had issues with oversudsing. Good luck with your new washer, it was a learning experience for me but I love my frontloaders so much now!

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I use liquid and add it first and I just wait until it is flushed into the machine and then add the powder. It only takes a few seconds to flush the liquid detergent.
Occasionally I've added the powder on top of the liquid and I've not noticed any problems.
You may just have to use a little less detergent while you use up your oxyclean or perhaps you won't have the same problem with too many suds.
I have a Bosch Nexxt. I can leave the lid open where I put the detergent and just watch as it flushes and then add the oxygen bleach

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I dissolve the Oxyclean in hot water and pour through the dispenser as the water is flushing the detergent compartment.

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It couldn't be simpler: just toss the Oxiclean right into the drum. No need to do anything more time-consuming than that.

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You can just toss it in the drum before adding clothes. There might be other alternatives but this is the easiest way.


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I used to just toss the Oxyclean directly into the empty drum. However, after the Samsung's three initial tumble cycles to sense the load size, some of the powder would coat the glass as well as the rubber boot. I imagine a lot of the stuff would fall through the holes, which would be flushed away into the sump pump when the machine does the initial fill with water. As a result, my routine now is to allow the water to run for a bit; add the pre-dissolved STPP; wait a tad; add the pre-dissolved Oxyclean; and finally pop the siphon cup back in to dispense the liquid detergent. (By then, the machine switches to hot water fill, which is exactly what will help flush down all the detergent.)

I actually enjoy this OCD routine, so it is not an inconvenience for me.

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ArliVie, I always toss the powder onto clothes, rather than into an empty drum. Never seen a particle of the powder show up on the glass, seal, or fail to provide an excellent wash (whites is one of the main things I add oxiclean to).

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Thank you, dave1812. I will try that next time.

(Even with brisk stirring in hot water the stuff doesn't dissolve as quickly as one would expect. That's why I got paranoid it wouldn't dissolve fast enough with the gentle sloshing of the drum.)

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I use oxy sometimes on our whites and I put it straight in drum with the detergent. The bottom of the gasket.It washes in as the laundry tumbles.
Our temp gets to 190+ so it gets dissolved, no residue left.
But again, I rinse everything extra.

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I only use it on the whites. I just put it into the detergent dispenser with the liquid detergent then hit start. If I am delaying the wash I will put the oxygen bleach in with the clothes.

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Thanks everyone. I'll try it a few different ways and see what works best. I only use it on whites and occasionally with towels that have gotten a musty smell.
And I'll try the Ecover instead of the Oxyclean next time. It sounds like a much better product.


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I only use Oxyclean for whites. If I am using powdered detergent I just put it on top. If I am using liquid, I put the clothes in first then pour it on top of them. It works by a reaction with water that is much faster the hotter the water. So with our Samsung I wash all whites on sanitize (high temperature) wash.

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I use the Oxy Clean pillow packs and just throw one in there and don't give it another thought. Good luck!

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