how long should it take to dry a man's Tshirt?

callie8799February 14, 2011

how long does it take you to dry, completely, a man's tshirt made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester?

I have a long story- but I'm trying to get this brand new dryer replaced. Technician basically told me nothing dries in less than 45 minutes-in terms of casual clothes (not the lite weight stuff)I'm not agreeing with him-0am I wrong with these new dryers?


oh, my hubby & I may spend Valentines nite at an appliance store. oh how romantic! :)

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I have a Bosch Nexxt 500 washer and dryer. Most of my clothes dry in about a half an hour. Certainly a load of t-shirt type things will dry in 30 mins or so. The only thing that takes 45 mins to dry are very large loads with heavy clothes like jeans.

Now, when I had my old top loader a load of clothes routinely took an hour to dry.

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Umm......have you checked you vent? What you've described is typical of obstructed vent.

Your "technician" is an idiot. Dryers are simple machines and, except for sensors to detect amount of moisture in the load and a few other controls, haven't changed much in 50 years.

Check your vent-path. And then come back and tell us what found.

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the vent path is clear -we routinely clear out the vent opening outside andthe "hose" is brand new (4 days old). We don't sense anyair escaping in the flexible hose. The tech stated the exhaust is coming out at 155 degrees-so he said it is working.

my old dryer was not working right =my husband said it was a microwave disguised as a dryer-it dried quickly and the clothes were hot. Also, he stated that the air coming out of the ventfrom the new dryer, is warm not hot.

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Something is being missed.

Your vent is clear, you say; your exhaust air is blowing 155, you say: and your cotton/poly T-shirts take 45 minutes. That's what you've said.

Assuming that clear vent is nominal 4", either you've chosen the wrong cycle, you've grossly overloaded the machine, or what you're telling us in error.

I continue to suspect error. You said you clear the vent opening outside and "hose" is brand new. What you didn't say is that the vent-path between the "hose" and the outside outlet is verified clear. For proper operation you need free/clear 4" all the way. No hose-kinks, no clumps of stuff in the middle, no frozen flappers.

If you've got a clear 4" vent of reasonable length (how long is it?) and a new dryer blowing 155F, and are not over-loading, it's more or less impossible for your dryer loads to take that long.

Only other thing I can think of is final spin-cyle from your washing machine. Is your laundry well spun-out or is it going into the dryer still sopping?

Surely you can understand my skepticism based on what you've said to date.

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thanks for taking the time to answer and question...
the store is replacing the dryer- hopefully I won't have this trouble- but I will be keeping your questions in mind...

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Curious about this situation. Please come back and tell how new machine works. Maybe I'm the idiot.

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Gas or electric? If electric, turn on the new one inside the house and make sure the air is hot BEFORE you connect it to the outside vent.

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In my dryers, a medium load of the t-shirts you described would dry in about 20 to 40 minutes (depending how fast they were spun out).

There are different variables here (what heat setting, whether or not the ducting flows freely or if there is a blockage), so there isn't a single catch-all answer.

For a mix of casual clothes, e.g. t-shirts, undies, jeans 45 mins sounds about right; but your technician really shouldn't generalize unless there is some specific information he know about your brand of dryer.

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That kind of shirt, washed on a normal cycle in our washer would take no more than 29 minutes to dry...probably closer to 20 in our dryer.

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