laundry room and bathroom together

kimkssFebruary 7, 2008

HI everyone! We are building soon and our laundry room is also going to be a bathroom. It will be located near the front entrance from the garage so when we have outdoor gatherings guest can use the bathroom without having to go through the house. Does anyone have any pictures of design ideas on how to make this look classy and blend the two things together? Any ideas are welcome!

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Is there no way to divide the 2? It just seems like it's going to be a pain having to keep the laundry room neat all the time because it's part of the guest bath.

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Our laundry is in the "main" second floor bath, it has a doorway off the hallway, and a doorway off one of the bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms on this floor, one is the master with its own bath.

The "laundry" part of the room is really a large closet behind bi-fold doors, they are ~8 foot total when closed. The "room" itself extends back beyond the doors on both sides of the door opening. The septh is a bit wider than the machines. I have front load machines which 'face' each other, about 4-5 feet apart.

Above the machines, at a height which allows for hanging without hitting the machines, is a clothes rod, which extends for the entire 12 feet (give or take), with a chelf above that. This shelf is not at a 'practical' height for frequent use, but I store extra soap, toilet paper, kleenex, etc up there.

Basically, I keep empty hangers over the tops of the machines and as I remove from the dryer (or washer) I hang up immediately. We hang most everything but underwear, socks, pajamas, bathing suits in this house...

I'd take a photo, but at this time my chldren have NOT removed all the clean laundry from the rod, so you can't see much... when they remove their stuff, I'll see about posting one.

If you don't open the closet, you would not necessarily know the laundry is in the room... UNLESS it's Saturday, when I typically do the laundry, and have the piles sorted and waiting on the floor!

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My sister had that arrangement for many years, and it was just plain weird using that bathroom. What you have is a toilet in the laundry room - it feels pretty awkward. Laundry rooms tend to collect a lot of stuff you don't normally find in a bathroom.

If you can, put the washer and dryer in a closet or small room off the bathroom, or put the bathroom in a separate room off the laundry room.

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There are benefits for us to have the laundry room in the bathroom right off the garage. My DH is a farmer and when he comes in he would like to be able to strip his clothes and throw them directly in the laundry and wash his hands and everything there to avoid bringing dirt into the rest of the house. The area we have to work with wouldn't make it possible to have two different rooms because after you put in a wall and door that needs room for opening they would end up being two very small and uncomfortable rooms. I originally wanted two different rooms but had to compromise to make an office/computer room. We are building a 2,000 square foot ranch home and that was bigger than we planned. :-)

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I understand the convenience features for your husband. If you can't fully separate the two, how about making the space as "finished" as possible. Front loading washer and dryer could have a counter over the top with cupboards above to keep stored supplies hidden. You could also think about using curtains or roll down shades to provide some screening for them. Have a special hamper for your husband to toss his clothes into.

Also, could the toilet be somewhat separated by a partial wall. You can have a double duty sink by buying a "pretty" deep sink and having it built into a cabinet (as opposed to a free standing laundry tub).

You don't say how large the room will be, but I would prefer to walk past a washer and dryer to get to the toilet and sink than to walk past a toilet to get to the washer and dryer. Could you have the washer and dryer installed along one side as you enter the room. They could be kept screened when company was expected.

Then at the end of the room, perhaps the toilet and sink could be opposite each other with a half wall providing some privacy for the toilet.

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We live on a farm and our laundry room is next to the garage. The laundry room is 9 feet wide and same length as the garage. The 4'x 9'bath is at one end with a door and includes commode, sink with counter and a shower with curtains. The bath is small but very practical. Yes, everyone walks thru the laundry to the bath but on the farm this is so handy--DH uses the utility room sink to wash his hands several times a day. One side is the pantry / water heater with by fold doors--the other side washer/dryer/(with cabinets above) and 5 foot counter with a double sink. Most of the time the counter is cluttered with items waiting to be put away.

When we have company and eat outside the laundry room/bath can also be entered from the enclosed back porch.

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If it's just for your husband's use, it might work, but don't expect guests to want to use it much.

My sister learned that lesson. For almost 20 years, no one would use her bathroom/laundry room after the first time. Everyone, including family, would use the bathrooms in the back of the house near the bedrooms. When she remodeled last year, the bathroom got it's own room with a door.

People want a bathroom to be a bathroom, bathrooms have to be very private, preferably with only one door. Walking through the laundry room to the bathroom is fine, though a little awkward, since laundry rooms collect of a lot of family clutter.

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My first floor half bath is also a laundry room; it is in the "finished baths" if anyone cares to see. The washer and dryer are under the counter , behind curtains and the sink is a small apron front. The look is NOT laundry, but is homey.

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I joked with my wife that our laundry room's floor drain could double as urinal for our dog. Even with the subzero temperatures outside, she didn't seem particularly warm to the idea.

How many people have one bathroom that has to serve residents and guests, or have a kids' bathroom that doubles as a powder room? To me, this isn't much different. Sure, we'd all like to have an ideal set-up. But the reality is that we need to make due based on available space, funds, time, etc.

Do what works best for you, Kim. My guess is that all your guests know your husband is a farmer and understand that arrangements need to be made. If possible, do try to separate the room's functions. You'll probably like it better that way too.

Country and city folk may look at such things differently. My wife and I are both city folk, and I know we often have our own points of view.

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don't forget a pocket door is always a good alternative to a swinging door as saves alot of space. We have 2 in our house.
I know what it is like to be a farmers wife, and you are a lucky one whos hubby is considerate at not wanting to track dirt etc into the rest of the house!

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One of the bathrooms at my mom and dad's house is a combo bathroom and laundry. I don't have a picture, but I will try to describe it...

One door only. If you stand in the doorway, the sink and toilet are on the wall to the left. On the right is the washer and dryer, with a hanging rod above running the length of the wall, and storage cabinets above the washer and dryer. It's nothing fancy, but not gross either. Simply gets two jobs taken care of!

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i thinks its a great idea. How about putting the washer and dryer at the end of the room with a curtain in front (make it look like a tub with a shower curtain). In europe it is common to have the washer and dryer in either the bathroom or kitchen.

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