pjlflJuly 9, 2014

I live in North FL. Area of high humidity. My a/c thermostats have a humidity setting but I cannot get % to drop below 49-50% downstairs and 55% upstairs even though I set to 40%. Suggestions or possible solutions.

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What kind of systems for each zone?

What kind of thermostat?

What is typical run time and cycles/hour?

What is CFM setting on your blower?

Your fan is set for auto in AC mode?

Any opportunities for reducing infiltration, ie tightening envelope?


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Half the installers I've dealt with over the years didn't wire the thermostat correctly. System information requested above will help.

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Please weigh in on humidifiers . What are pros and cons of Carrier HUMCCLBP2417. It is a "by-pass" 17 gpd humidifier. It is recommended with a 80,000btuh 2stage variable speed furnace 96%afue. Also, a TP-PRH-A, digital, programmable/ perfect heat/perfect humidity capable thermostat.
Are we going to get mold, rust or no humidity as I hear the horror stories? D oes this require a drain in the floor?
Is there a better way to go? Suggestions have been the Honeywell warm steam and the nordec. We were told that there would need to be 2 of those for a 2500+ house at a cost of $1500 per unit.

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This thread is about reducing humidity during cooling season...

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Can any of the experts on this forum suggest an HVAC expert to call in Tallahassee FL to evaluate my house building envelop to pinpoint the humidity problems I am experiencing. Thank you.

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