another wave force question

julescapFebruary 16, 2012

Still eagerly awaiting delivery of this washer. I have another question...Does it eat underwire bras? I've asked this question before but no response. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Wife doesn't wear them so don't know, BUT I don't see where they could possibly get caught anyway so I highly doubt it.

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I have the LG 5001, but I can't answer your question. I handwash my bras.

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GF's been washing hers in my now-aging Duet FL for 6-7 years. No problems ever. From becoming familiar with hers, I don't understand what the issue could be with yours. As far as I can see, it's just another article of clothing to be washed. What is it about them that's causing you grief?

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julescap is referring to the "underwire" variety. The wire can get caught on certain parts of the machine and it's not good (ruin the bra or even damage the washer).

I hand wash mine as well (better for them in the long run) but if you're going to wash them in the machine, highly suggest you get a lingerie bag. They are not expensive and it will save your more delicate items. They even make ones specific for bras.

Here is a couple links:

various ones from the Container Store:

Target carries them too:

Amazon has several:



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The issue is that in the older he machines (I have the infamous Calypso), the bra underwires would make their way into the mechanisms. My husband has removed them from the little box next to drain pump and also under the wash plate. These would cause all kinds of chaos with the machine. Internet reports abound about problems with underwire bras vs he machines . I'm not sure if underwires get loose and find their way into the machine or if the machine monster somehow sucks the wires right out and devours them. Anyway, I never ever had an issue like this with older,agitator type machines and I'm wondering if the technology has improved since the calypso

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HE impeller machines such as the Oasis, Cabrio, Bravos, GE Harmony and LG WaveForce are different mechanisms than the Calypso ... but they can damage or suffer damage from a brassiere underwire. Such items should be washed separately on a designated delicate or handwash cycle that minimizes mechanical motion ... not on a "normal" or heavy cycle with a full load of items that would tangle and abrade together.

How did you wash bras in your Calypso? It has/had a Handwash cycle that is *very* gentle, running more shower-washing than nutation/bouncing ... and the nutation speed for the brief periods that it runs is very slow. Washing underwire bras on that cycle, particularly if placing them in a lingerie bag, is much less likely to result in trouble ... to the point that I'd predict never.

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I would reserve the gentle hand wash cycle for delicate lacy things,some bras, if very lacy...
Regular utilitarian bras would go into regular wash, without lingerie bags. I was thinking of the gentler action on lace,not underwires. Probably 90% of the bras washed were no problem and came out fine...but that 10% probably didn't help the washing machine!

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