Stainless traditional top-load washer?

marys235February 19, 2014

Does anyone make a traditional top-load washer in stainless or gray color? I'm sick of HE washers that don't get your clothes clean, I live alone and only wash maybe 2 small loads per week, so I figure I'm not using that much water anyway. But I do like the gray/stainless washer/dryers, just can't find a traditional set in that color.

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Can't find a set, either. Manufacturers are no longer putting money into conventional top loaders so white is all you can get - unless you go vintage.


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Speed Queen only available in white for top load.

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I am with you on this. I am probably going to get a new Speed Queen top loader set soon. (I would have loved to get a Miele fl, but in my small city, there are none to look at and no technicians.) So it is back to old school top loader boring white!!!

Maybe you can hire a professional painter to repaint the set. If it is that important to you. I know people have had old refrigerators re-painted.

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You could purchase a machine and then wrap it in stainless steel...


Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Wrap

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my FL HE machine gets clothes remarkably clean. If you had a FL that didn't clean well, u either bought the wrong kind or did something else wrong. INHERENTLY, FL's do a better job of getting clothes clean.

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I don't know anyone personally (and I know a lot of people given all the clubs of which I am a member and all the family members I have) who like the front loaders and all say their clothes do not come clean as they did with the top loaders. I have yet to meet anyone personally who cares for them. Most of them say they are going to the laundromat and their washer is either for sell or for emergency wash. No "real" people, who actually use them, like them. I hear some of the young ladies in my choir group say they like them but it comes down to them not using them and their housekeepers are stuck with these inferior monsters. Even those young ladies who swear by them but do not use them admit they "smell horrible."

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I used a frontloader for a few months and did like it very much. It had an onboard water heater and Sanitary cycle that I used for whites -- cottons, socks, kitchen towels, bath towels and wash cloths, etc. -- everything came out VERY nice.

NO odor.

If I was buying a new washer for myself, it would definitely be a frontloader with onboard water heating.

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