A/C removed duct behind larger air intake filter

sammy zone 7 TulsaJuly 8, 2012

We purchased a new upstairs air conditioner about a month ago. It is a Trane. It is too loud, and I think it is running too much. It is hard to regulate the thermostat because they removed the duct work when they enlarged the air intake filter.

Our 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms, one bath, a hallway. There is no door from the stairs to the 1st floor.

We wanted to cool all the rooms on the 2nd floor.

They needed to cut a larger hole in the wall for the air intake filter ( in the hallway). They removed the duct, and I think the air goes to the attic where there is not cool air.

Since the duct is gone, the thermostat above the new larger air intake filter does not read correctly. They said that now that the duct is gone, it is reading the attic air from the attic as well as the hallway air. THey put some insulation behind the thermostat, but that has not helped.

Sometimes if the thermostat is set at 77, the room temps are 69. My kids have been keeping the thermostat at somewhere from 77 to 85.

We need to call the company again to fix this situation. Is it legal to just have the air blow into the attic? I know my kids do not cooperate well because they tend to want their doors closed. During the day we have all agreed to leave the doors open, but I wonder if the company is making a mistake somewhere.

We live in Tulsa, OK where the temps have been around 100 for almost every day for quite awhile.

THe Trane is Model: 4TTM3030A1000BA

Serial 12094R2EAA

Should I just accept that they installed everything correctly, and we are the unhappy recipients of very hot weather, or do you think the air intake filter should have a duct behind it?

THanks for any suggestions.


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are you sure there is no duct at the return?

I can't imagine that they would disconnect
the r/a duct.

can you post pics?

if they did remove the r/a duct it would
not pass code. was a permit pulled for the
job? was it inspected/

best of luck.

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