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patrice607July 19, 2011

Just received a notice from Com Ed that I am using 70% more elctricity than my neighbors. Not sure what data they use but I'm considering the following:

I am in the Chicago area. My Lennox 10 Seer is 26 years old and needs 2-3 lbs of freon every summer. Thinking of replacing with a 14 seer Lennox 14ACX. Price quoted is $3100 and includes evap coil. Installer said they would also relocate away from dryer vent into shaded area at no extra charge. (under a pine tree - will this be a problem?) Pairing this with a 6 year old Lennox gas furnace G61MPV 36C.

Would appreciate comments/advice. Thanks!

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What size?

I would prefer the XC14 mdl. A much nicer condenser.

What coil did they quote?

Post back.


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Thats a pretty reasonable price. I like the idea of keeping your existing furnace since its 6 years old. I'm not sure I like the idea of moving the unit under a pinetree.

How much does your electricity cost there?
Not sure you realize this, but you could upgrade the A/C to a heatpump model for a reasonable amount of extra cost.

You would then have a dual fuel system. In the event natural gas got expensive you would have some options. Heatpumps work best in milder cold temperatures. You could use the heatpump in the inbetween seasons when it doesn't get so cold (above freezing). You would get more evenly heated rooms.

Your installer would need to upgrade your t-stat. The heatpump upgrade shouldn't cost much more than $500.

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Tigerdunes - It's a 3 ton unit. The evap coil is C33-36C.
14 seer R410A. The salesman didn't even offer the XC14 mdl.

neo - I paid $172 last month for 1,321 kwh so about .13/kwh all in. I hadn't considered a heat pump. How would I figure the cost savings?

Thanks for your help!

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Here is a nice link that tigerdunes posted in a different post.

Keep in mind a good single stage 15 seer heatpump will be above 3.0 COP at or above 30 degrees. It will be closer to a 4.0 cop at above 45 degrees.

Your electricity isn't cheap, but if the upgrade cost isn't much, I think the heatpump might could be worth it for the milder temperatures where you need to heat.
At the very least its nice too have incase nat. gas gets expensive again.

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The XC14 is a much nicer condenser. More of a heavy duty cabinet with true full coil protection. Much quieter if that might be important to you. Plus better efficiency numbers. And finally other features including protective controls. No comparison. I would not recommend or have for my home the 14ACX.


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Tigerdunes - I called the Lennox distributor and talked to the owner. He said the 14ACX has been upgraded so much that it is not worth the price differential to buy the XC14. When I questioned hm about the condenser he said that as a dealer he would be given the extra 5 years on the ACX so the warranties were the same. He also stated that with my variable speed furnace I would get about a 15 seer out of either unit and told me that only the smaller units (1 ton) would get the 16 seer. He would be happy to sell my the XC14 for another $200 but said in his opinion, it was not worth it.

I'm more confused than when I started. Forgive me for asking but are you an HVAC pro?
Thanks again.

Here is a link that might be useful: comparison of units

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I would spend the extra $200 for the XC14 model. Go to the website and look at the difference between the 2. The XC14 is a nicer cabinet and quieter. Your going to have this unit for a long time. You will be happier. I would also ask the installer how much to upgrade to the XP14 model (heat pump model of XC14).

Now is the chance to spend a little more, and get alot more (you would then have another heating method for your home).

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If you actually saw the two condensers side x side, then this is really a no brainer. Pay the $200. You will be better served in the long run.

As far as heat pump, that will be more involved both cost and controls.

Depends on your nat gas rate and electric rate. Then you could make some calculations as to payback. I personally would forget it because I don't care for Lennox HPs.

Ask dealer if he would use same evap coil if you went with the XC14 AC? I would then try to look up the performance/eff numbers for you.


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I upgraded to the XC14ACX. The numbers on the heat pump did not add up for us.

Thanks for your input!!!

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Tigerdunds -

Got it installed today. It's a nice looking, quiet unit. They installed the Lennox evap coil C-33-36. Am I close to 15 SEER?


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Which mdl did you purchase, the XC14 or the low end 14ACX?

If the XC14, then it looks like 14.5 SEER.

Be aware though the cooling BTUs are short on Lennox three ton nominal size by about 2 KBTUs which is very typical for Lennox. You may be uncomfortable at higher temps.


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Yes, I bought the XC-14. Nice quiet unit.

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