tub hitting cabinet when spin cycle ends.

mrjasondudeFebruary 28, 2014

Hi guys, I have a Maytag Ensignia washer that was making a screeching sound when the spin cycle ended. I asked a service tech and he advised me to spray some wd-40 where the snubber ring is located. I accidentally got some on the drive belt also but the the screeching sound did stop. Sadly now when the cycle ends the entire tub jerks attempting to rotate pretty hard and hits the left side of the cabinet, its as if the break mechanism isn't catching and or slipping. Everything else seems to work fine during operation the tub doesn't bang the cabinet during the spin cycle until it stops, the tub seems balanced the springs look ok the machine is level. Any ideas how to fix such an issue?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Does it do it with an empty tub?
I can see this happen right at the end of the high speed spin if the clothes have lumped to one side of the tub.

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Sadly even with the tub empty it still occurs. I remember before I greased the snubber ring area that the tub was a bit harder to slide back and forth perhaps I over lubricated. I also noticed now turning the tub clockwise is easier than counterclockwise and it can go quite a bit further clockwise when rotated by hand. I am leaning towards replacing all the springs and the snubber ring but I don't see how they could go bad after just greasing?

Thanks for the reply.

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oh btw guys here is where I was spraying the wd-40 I think i determined I must of got oil into the break assembly causing it to slip. I'm too scared to take apart the break assembly ive read its dangerous so I guess its time to buy a new washer :(.

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Follow these easy steps to replace the snubber and brake.
You don't have to replace the whole washer.

You can get the parts at Repair Clinic...

Here is a link that might be useful: How to replace Snubber and Brakes (Youtube)

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