need some help to replace AC in daughter's room

homeimprovementmomJuly 15, 2014

sad so sad. I had a wonderful, very good , VERY quiet panasonic AC in my daughter's room for 17 years and then when we had to do some electrical work, the electrician blew something and this caused a burn to the electrical boad. I have not been able to find the replacement board. I am now looking for a new AC: 10 btu's auto off/on, temp. control, timer and since the AC is beside her bed - no other choice in the config. of the room, it really, really has to be quiet. I have 2 Friedrich's purchased around the same time 17 yrs. ago and they are freaking LOUD. I have one in my bedroom and even on sleep mode it is awful. I cannot yet replace those budget wise.
I haven't kept up with AC's these years - may be Friedrich has a quiet unit now - I don't know. I have read through reviews and people don't really say whether something is loud or not on average - only if it's really loud. Mostly people seem to buy because its so hot and they are so glad to be cooling and thus the reviews are about cooling only.
What is now a very quiet AC? I would really, really appreciate the input. I cannot afford to to make a mistake so if you have an AC that is quiet and works, please tell what the brand and model is so I can start to get some information.

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We bought the Friedrich for our sonâÂÂs room. Thankfully, he sleeps like a log. We found the Friedrich to be really loud, even louder than the portable SPT that we have in our bedroom (which isnâÂÂt quiet either). And the biggest problem with Friedrich is the fan is so loud at any setting (even the lowest one). The other problem with the Friedrich is that it is a bear. It is very heavy and difficult to maneuver. Our friends like their LG, and weâÂÂve heard good things about the Sharp units.

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thank you for responding. good to know that the Friedrich's are just as loud because they do get a lot of stars but probably for cooling. To me it's the whole package.

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Consumer Reports tests window units frequently. You might check there. In modern times, window units are disposable and don't last long. If you have significant humidity where you live, you might consider a unit where you can set the fan to shut off with the compressor. They are better at humidity control.

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