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crazymommyFebruary 27, 2012

I had a cheap ole Frigidaire frontloader for nearly ten years. I never had a single problem with it. Well, within a month, the water pump died and they replaced it under warranty. I wasn't too secure about our future together, but my cheapo faithful washer never let me down. It wasn't very big, but it was a workhorse. I have 6 dc so I do laundry daily. So about 15 loads/week for almost 10 years I think is pretty darn exceptional. The bearings finally went on it and foolishly, we bought a new washer.

We bought a Duet. The one thing I love about it is how much it can hold. Other than that, I'd like to throw the thing down my stairs. It has torn clothes to shreds. I dread doing laundry because I am sure something will be ruined. We've already replaced the bellows under warranty after it burned up during a spin, but the warranty is up and I have to inexplicably replace the bellows again. Dh does not want to put money into this washer. We hate it. We think it is poorly designed. We never had to use laundry bags with our old washer and we had babies then. With this one, it sucks up socks and handkerchiefs to beat the band. We have had to unclog the thing so many times that we could have bought a new washer with the money we've saved having a repairman do it.

So....we're hoping to replace this washer asap. I don't want another Duet and I hear Maytag is the same maker. Meile is out of our league.

Are there any good things to be said for Samsung or Electrolux or Bosch?

All of the reviews I am reading are not encouraging. I'd love the larger capacity again. It seriously cut down my loads/week. But I want a machine I can love.

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well I can tell you that their still are frontloading frigidaires we just got rid of ours. We bought ours used and it wasn't working right so we sold it to our friends and bought a brand new set of whirlpool duets.

Ours have worked fine and we have had ours for about a month now, doing loads 3-4 times a week, haven't had an issue with them at all(besides our clothes getting tangled but haven't noticed any damage to them). Maybe it was just your particular model?

I don't have any experience with the other brands you mention but look for another set of frigidaires we had the gallery series and were very happy with them. However we purchased them knowing they needed to be repaired and never did and our friends know a guy who would fix them for them free of charge so we sold the set to them.

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Ive got the Samsung 520 washer and dryer and both work quite well. The only caveat is that "HOT" isn't very warm, so I fool the washer by running the hot water into the cold water inlet and control that hot water flow via a separate faucet. We get AMAZINGLY CLEAN, fresh smelling clothes from the Sammy and it uses so little water it's kinda freaky! :)

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I'm not a huge fan of any of the front loaders being in the appliance repair business for 15 years I've yet too have seen one stand the test of time but if i had too bet any money i would bet on the Whirlpool Duets or any of the Whirlpool front loaders because Whirlpool is one of the only machines that's majority still made in America and I've seen some of there previous washers last 20+ years with very very few problems

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Sorry you are going through this! I have 3 children and laundry is a huge factor! Bosch is now only making the smaller units so for capacity sake you can rule Bosch out. I have a 4' capacity LG that has been doing 4 loads a day for 6 years without a single issue but it has no bells or whistles.

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