Need a new washer kenmore died.

tomchewFebruary 23, 2014

So my kenmore elite that came with the house seems to have died looks like theres hydraulic oil or something splattered on the floor and it makes a loud bang even it spins AND its veryvery loud. Since we just had 2 major repairs on my and my wifes vehicles we are not that well off at the moment, but she wants to purchase the LG 4.1 Cu. Ft. Front Load Steam Washer for around 750can, plus taxes and extended warrenty, I just need to know if this washer is any good seems like are just made to look shinny and break down in a year or 2, like the kenmore i had which only lasted 3years.

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Yeah. Your dead Kenmore Elite was most likely an LG built machine.


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TomChew, the first three digits of Kenmore model numbers indicates the manufacturer of the unit -- the FULL model number from the label ON the machine.

Example: 110.20907990
110 indicates Whirlpool is the manufacturer.

You can check your code by searching online for "Sears manufacturing codes." There may be more than one code for a given manufacturer.

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Don't forget to check Sears Outlet either online or their brick and mortar outlet store. I see just about every brand of FL HE washer in there on a regular basis. Might save you a little $$.

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If you want a new washer, my advice is to buy a Speed Queen. More importantly, DO NOT buy a top loader with no agitator and an automatic water level you can't override. I inherited one and it does not clean the clothes. It is so bad that I bought a vintage Maytag ('95 or '96) that I love.

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Sears holdings just reported a 1.4 billion loss in 2013. Might want to be cautious about buying an extended warranty through them, you would be just about last on the creditor list.

It will be intersting to see how long they can sustain the losses before vendors get nervous and potentially start to impact their ability to get credit. Circuit City fell fast and hard once they could not get favorable terms of credit from their vendor base.

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