York Furnace Problem

JayDayJuly 1, 2012

I have a York Furnace that has now decided not to work. Only a few years old and it seams like everything is going starting to go out on it.

Model Number: G9V0816UPC11B

Serial Number: WNLM005693

Air conditioner compressor is working however the furnace part is not. Power is on to the units but furnace wont start up to push air through the system.


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It is difficult to say what is causing the problem. Have you tried to turn on the fan from the thermostat? Look at the thermostat and see if you have a switch that says auto/on. Move the switch to the on position. This should turn on the blower in the furnace. If it does not come on then you probably have a bad fan or cntrol board. In either case you will need to call a tech to make the repair.

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I did try turning the thermostat from auto to on with no luck. I have a technician coming out Monday afternoon however they replaced the control board in December. a few years back I had to replace the combustion blower on the same furnace. This is getting expensive.

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Your unitis a more than a few years old.

You say you can turn it to "Cool" & "auto" and the outdoor unit comes on but not the inside unit. If you turned the fan switch on the thermostat from "auto" to "on" and the fan still didn't come on, it might be the run capacitor on the fan motor or the fan motor itself.

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Is a run capacitor easy to replace or something a home owner can replace? What would be an average cost of the part. Any way I can check one or the other or is this something that is held tightly to the technician's chest?

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three possible reason why fan is not turning on according to your case.

1. Bad blower fan capacitor
2. Bad fan motor itself
3. Bad fan relay on the board itself (which mean the whole board needs to be replaced).

Mostly like it's the capacitor at that age. Can you replace it. Absolutely. Just find the right capacitor for it.

1. Disconnect the power to the furnace and open the furnace.
2. look at the blower compartment, Typically you will a small capacitor that has two wires connected to it. Brown and Brown/White. Take out that capacitor and read the micofarad on it. It should say 5uf or 7.5uf. buy the right one and replace. Don't worry about the wires, you can criss cross it. here are some pictures of the capacitor, you can buy it there if you want too.


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It is interesting that I had Two different Heating and Air Conditioning Companies out today and one said that it was the control board and the other said that it was the ECM and Module/possible CFM Board.

The company that installed the control board back in December does not believe it is the control board but the latter.

Who do I believe??

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