LG WM2350HWC vs old Miele

cangelmdFebruary 14, 2011

Help. I need to buy a washer for a second laundry room.

I have a Miele Novotronic which I absolutely love, it is about 6 years old, one of the last 1986s. It goes with a big Ht3 dryer.

In this new space the machines should be stackable (although there is room for side by side) I want larger capacity than the Miele to wash a comforter. Any stained or really dirty or fragile clothes I can wash in the Miele. Mainly we will do towels, sheets, regular undies, maybe jeans.

The forum is terrifying me! Six years ago when I bought the Miele, the threads were all about Axxis and Asko and Hetties and LG was brand new and how great they all were. Now all the newer FLs that were being bought then are dying! Wow! I can't at all justifying another Miele, and it would be difficult for me to move the Miele to the new laundry space (plus I 'm not sure I can get a stackable dryer for it now) What about this LG? it has something of a heater - important for towels and it is big.

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You said you love your Miele, that all the other brands discussed back then haven't lasted even five years, but that you can't justify buying another Miele. If your Miele lasts more than 5 years when other machines don't, that's pretty good justification right there.

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I have the LG2301WM which seems very similar to 2350 (LG2350 appears to be a newer model with 4.3 capacity v. 4.2 capacity but otherwise looks about the same as what I have). I am very pleased so far with this washer (had it for about 3 months now; replaced a pair of Duet Sports which were working fine but had no heater). I use Water Plus and Extra Rinse on most cycles and the laundry comes out clean and well rinsed. Extra hot water (Sanitary cycle) does wonders for my towels and sheets. They are fresh smelling and finally feel clean. Whites come out nice and bright when washed on sanitary with a tbs of oxygen bleach in addition to detergent. The only slight complaint I have is spinning speed. I think it's slower than my old Duet Sport. The machine is much more stable and less shaky but I think the laundry comes out with a bit more water in it than from my old Duet. But the matching dryer seems to deal with it with no problem. The washer has 4.2 capacity but it does best with medium loads (the drum filled to about 3/4 when dry). The only real issue I have encountered so far is the machine refusing to spin with really heavy loads. I washed a load of towels and a heavy flannel duvet cover last weekend and the machine would not spin. Had to unload, divide the load into two and then it finally worked. This is the second time it happened. But it handled our thick king size mattress pad with no problem. So I just have to be careful with items that get really heavy when wet. I have the matching dryer and have the machines stacked.

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Thank you Izeve, that is encouraging.

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We recently got the LG matching set (same P/N's) and really like them so far. Being a technician I like the direct drive motor with 10yr warranty. Since my wife always overloaded the old machines (which were quite small but modern- Danby) the automatic load sensing is fantastic and really seems to work.
Overall, very quiet and clothers are noticeably cleaner smelling. Less wrinkles due to the large capacity, too. Turns out our friend/co-worker has the exact same set and really like them- he's a cyclist and has a somewhat dirty profession. We found out after buying our set, but it's nice to know and reinforces the purcchase. The Danby set was almost 6yrs old and wanted to replace them before having problems, but mainly found doing laundry ALL day to be excessive (due to small 10lb capacity).
Got a great deal at Best Buy, about $1330. Glad we snatched them up (waited almost 2 weeks for the order to arrive), because the best price I can find now is almost $200 more for the set.

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cangelmd: Skeptical as I am about the trustworthiness of the anecdotal 'user reviews' of almost anything, I suggest that -- if for no other reason than than reassurance -- you read the amazon.com user review of the LG WM2350HWC and compare it to the five amazon.com user reviews of the Samsumg WF419AAW, a now discontinued 2010 model. We did that research (in addition to much more) this month in order to replace our 16-year-old Frigidaire washing machine, and this week we chose the Samsung at a clearance price plus Memorial Day Sale discount (at Lowe's) that just about matches the price of the current LG model that you are considering.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon users' reviews of Samsung WF419AAW

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Thanks Herring, I ended up buying Samsungs almost on a whim, we were in Lowe's and they were close-outs. our remodeling project has been delayed, however, so we won't get them until close to the end of June.

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