Need recommendations for a shallow depth front loader

valleykatFebruary 6, 2007

I would like to replace my existing top load washer with a front loader, however I have limited space available depth-wise. I have a walk through laundry room with a maximum 34 1/2" depth available. I currently have a 27" deep machine. Given the junk in the back I figure I can only reasonably go up a couple of inches more in depth. When I started this search a year ago, I was thinking of purchasing the Frigidaire Affinity, but now that they have been out for a while, they seem to have some fairly negative feedback. Can anyone recommend a front loader that maximizes capacity with a shallower depth? I would prefer a black machine.

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Have you looked at the Whirlpool Duet Sport? I believe that is fairly shallow. You can also change the vent location so it is on the side rather than out the back if that would help.

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valleykat: I've been looking for info on the quality of the Affinity and haven't found very much on them at all - neither good nor bad.. Where have you seen the negative feedback? Does it apply to both the 6000 and 7000 series?

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I have the model that came out about a year before the affinity line. I have been using it for nearly 2 years now. It's been no trouble at all realy. I had one service call when it was a month old because the door didn't align quite right at the bottom, but never leaked. the tech adjusted it some and it looks better, still its not perfect but still has not leaked ever. My machine cleans well enough for me and I am well pleased with it for the price I paid. doesn't have quite as nice of trim and all as say the more expensive bosch or LG's or the features like a heater built in. its does however in my use of it work good with no issues and its a slimmer machine than most.

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You can take a tape measure to some stores and pull the machines away from the wall to the 34.5" point. You might find a lot more machines fit than you initally considered.

I also have a depth limited laundry room, but I'm reconfiguring it to fit pretty much any washer, but a more limited set of dryers (trying to optimize space and the best venting setup for the dryer).

Regarding washers, some of the real big ones should work without any problem. The Miele W48XX machines have a machine depth (including the door) of 30". An additional 4.5" for hoses should be more than enough. The Bosch Nexxt machines have a depth of 31.6" on their website and 30.7" in their published manuals (don't know if that includes the door). Although this is tighter, having about 3" (give or take) in the rear should work. Other big machines may work as well.

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3" in the rear might be enough room for hoses, but not for the vent.

I have the Kenmore version of the Duet Sport (HE2). Here's a link to a prior post on the measurements of the machine and my closet (with pictures).

Here is a link that might be useful: Measurement of Duet Sport and closet space

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