Varnish like smell in Dryer and Basement

spinedcJuly 25, 2008


The other day we ran the dryer and the whole basement and upstairs started to smell. Can't really make out the smell but it didnt smell like natural gas and it kinda smelled like varnish or paint thinner. A day or two ago, my attached townhome neighbor refinished her patio.

Could it be that the fumes from patio being refinished have entered the vent of the dryer? The dryer vent is located right above and near the neighbors patio.

Should I be concerned and call the gas company for any gas leaks? There is one specific area in the basement right across from the dryer that has the highest concentration of smell. Last nite, I placed a fan in there and opened all the windows upstairs since the basement does not have windows but this morning, it still has a strong smell. Any advice would help. Thank you.

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I would check the wiring in and around the dryer...sometimes a small wire getting too hot may smell like varnish etc...better safe then sorry. put your nose near the dryer and see if it comes from there ..good luck.


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